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Coolest Technology in Two Wheelers you Should know about

​Change is constant. And in this ever changing world, everything seems to be in the process of transforming into a better version of itself. Similarly, in the automobile industry, technology has played a significant role in making the present day two-wheelers more efficient, powerful and a lot easier to ride. While we are at it, let’s check out the top technologies that have made modern motorcycles irresistible.

​Anti-lock Braking System

Anti-lock Braking System​ (ABS) constantly monitors the wheels’ revolution of a bike. It is basically an automobile safety system that allows the wheels to maintain contact with the surface of the road depending upon the brakes applied by the rider, preventing the wheels from ceasing rotation and thus avoiding uncontrolled skidding. It is also commonly referred to as Anti-skid Braking System.

Slipper Clutch
A slipper clutch is a customized clutch with an integrated freewheel mechanism, especially developed for high-performance motorcycles in order to control the adverse effects of engine braking when riders decelerate. It is designed in a way that it partially disengages when the rear wheel tries to drive the engine faster. This clutch allows a certain amount of slip in the opposite direction enabling the rear wheel spin relatively free from engine drag.

When a rider twists the throttle for hard acceleration, the abrupt, large flow of air in the combustion chamber causes the bike to momentarily stall, resulting in poor combustion and harsh ride. The ride-by-wire technology comes in play in this scenario to offer smooth acceleration. This technology eliminates direct contact between the twist grip and throttle butterflies and so at full throttle, it opens the butterflies just enough to prevent the air flow stalling.

Traction Control
Traction control, also known as wheel-spin control, prevents excessive wheel spin. It modulates engine torque thus allowing the back tire to drive forward in a constant way. Traction Control Systems help riders accelerate, brake and steer efficiently, which in turn makes riding safer. It is easier to ride over slippery surfaces with traction control, as it helps in maintaining enough grip between the bike and the road.
Although these technologies are aimed at making biking effortless, it is the sole responsibility of a rider to take necessary safety measures while riding. The first step towards this is to ensure you have a valid two-wheeler insurance​ to keep you out of harm’s way at all times on the roads. Remember, safety first!