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Keep your Hands Stress Free While Riding your Two Wheeler

While riding, you can unintentionally put pressure on your arms and shoulders. This generally happens unknowingly when you are within an uncomfortable situation – like an unexpected downpour of rain. The hands and shoulders start stiffening up even if we try to relax and let go off the strain. Hence, this situation leads to soreness and ongoing issues with the muscles in the upper back.

Have a look at these precautions you can take to lighten up on those arms and hands-

Relax Your Grip

On traffic-free roads, practice relaxing your hands while maintaining grip. It's effortless and surprising to know that you can keep the throttle of your bike on without using a death grip. Relaxing your grip will help lessen muscle tension and diminish the amount of vibration transmitted to your body.

Let go of the Rigidity

While riding, keep in mind, and remind yourself continuously of releasing the tension in your arms and shoulders. Shrugging every 15 minutes while relaxing your arms can help you relieve the stress.

Don't Hunch

The worst way of riding s bike is hunching on it. Don't arch your shoulders to avoid muscle soreness and fatigue. Tilt your head every few minutes to get rid of tight neck muscles.

Shake off your Arms

Shaking off your hand every once in a while, helps you relax your shoulder and elbow. It also increases blood flow to your side and prevents numbness. Be cautious while doing that as you can lose your balance.

Avoid Too Much Weight on Your Hands

You are possibly putting too much weight on your hands, which thereby results in numb hands while riding. This generally happens when you are riding a Sportbike . You could consider raising your handlebars.

Buy Yourself Good Quality Gloves

Protect your hands against hits and wounds by wearing gloves. Gloves absorb some of the shocks from the road. They also prevent sunburn; protect hands, and ensuring proper proficient use of the levers and controls. Opt for the gloves with a snug fit.

If you have pain after riding follow the following steps

Stretch Your Neck and Shoulders off Bike

To keep the muscles loose and relaxed, you should have a consistent routine of strengthening and stretching workouts to stay pain-free.

Give yourself an arm massage

Yes! Self-sufficiency is the key, use your finger tips and massage your other palm and biceps to release tension.

Apart from all these tips, you should ensure that your rides are secure. To have a hassle-free trip, protect your bike with two wheeler insurance. A two-wheeler insurance policy covers your bike against several unfortunate circumstances. Keep yourself safe, have a fantastic ride!​