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International Travel from India - Who is Allowed and Where?

Due to the spread of Coronavirus, the travelling domestically as well as internationally has been disturbed a lot. There was almost a complete shutdown on travel for a few days in some countries and then there were very hard guidelines if you need to travel in specific zones. There has been some ease in the travel after almost 6-7 months of the spread of the virus but some of these guidelines are still followed very strictly as the virus is still spreading. Although, it has been clearly said that even after hard rules the responsibility of the travel is completely on the person travelling and authorities are liable. 

Since the lockdown has been lifted there has been blurry guidelines about international travel from India and most of the people are buried about how they could travel for necessary purposes. There are several countries which have lifted the restriction on travel from India by arranging for the air bubbles, this is the reason there was a recent start of a lot of flights from India to different countries like UK, US, Canada, Germany, UAE, France and many others. However, the travel is still subject to certain restrictions set by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs as well as the government of the restricted countries. Let us understand the travel plan in detail but before that, you may want to look at travel insurance plan to be safe on the journey. 

Air Transport Bubble


Transport Bubble is a temporary arrangement between two countries so that the commercial flights between the countries can be started in the absence of the regular international flights which were running. These bubbles are reciprocal and thus both countries enjoy the same benefits India has managed to form an air bubble with Canada, Maldives, UAE, US, UK, France and Germany. 

Who is allowed to travel from India?

The India nationals can travel but the guideline fixed-

  • Like always a visa with at least one month of validity
  • They will be allowed to travel purposed for business, studies and work anything apart from the tourism purpose.
  • The US embassy in India started processing student visas so the students will be able to join the US college by fall semesters.
    However, it has been clearly stated all such travel would be at the risk of the person who is travelling. 

    Travelling to India?

    Apart from Indians who can travel on domestic flights some foreign travel has also been allowed. The government has allowed all the Overseas Citizen of India to enter the country. Apart from this foreign businessman, foreign health research specialist, engineer and technicians, would be allowed to come to India to improve the health care facility. 

    Requirements for International Travel

  • All the people who are travelling must submit a self-declaration form, this should be done at least 72 hours before travel. Also, the undertaking of being into a 14 days quarantine out of which 7 days would be at an institution is to be followed. The cost of all this has to borne by the traveller. Also, one must buy travel insurance if they are worried about their journey.