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Increasing Smog Rates

Smog, a type of air pollution is a mixture of smoke and fog. The smoke is generated from burning coal, industries, automobile vehicles which when mixes up with the fog to be called SMOG. In earlier times it was common in industrial areas, but nowadays we can see it everywhere with the commencement of the Winter season. 

The smog we see today is photochemical smog. The smog is produced after the reaction takes place when the sunlight reacts with nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the atmosphere. Nitrogen oxides are released from exhaust of cars, coal power plants, and factory emissions whereas VOCs are released from gasoline, paints, and other cleaning solvents. Thus smog is produced when sunlight hits these chemicals. 

There is a sudden rise in air pollution after our country has celebrated Diwali. The Air has become very toxic and unhealthy to breathe in and all this has happened due to the Crackers and other chemical explosive items. This now has led to a rise in the number of Corona cases. People are suffering from respiratory diseases and are experiencing illnesses. 

COVID-19 cases are multiplying every minute. The best method to save yourself is to look for suitable ​health insurance ​for you and your family. It costs less and is pocket friendly too. The insurance covers all the health benefits that are necessary for maintaining health and treating illness. It also protects you from unexpected, high medical costs. So if you too want to save yourself from high medical bills, buying an insurance plan is the best idea. A Corona Positive person has to go through multiple tests and these cost much more than you imagine, choose the best for you. 

In addition to it, IRDAI has put forward the provisions to save us from the expenses we had to pay during COVID-19 treatment. To save oneself from spending much you should buy ​Corona Kavach Policy​​. According to the new norms, the insurance companies have been asked to launch this policy which would include the Corona treatment cost of the patient. This policy provides COVID-19 treatment coverage for up to 9.5 months against a one-time payment. 

Looking at the current status of the death rates and the severe cases, the government too has restricted the to and fro movements of people to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Coronavirus is very deadly and one should take it seriously. Including the above-explained policy, many insurance companies have rolled out their Corona Rakshak policy ​​too based on guidelines issued by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). These policies are valid till March 31, 2021. This policy is offered as an option by the insurer on a benefits basis. Thus, the policy will become active if the policyholder is hospitalized for a minimum continuous period of 72 hours. 

Do not visit such places and avoid being out in this season. The Air quality index these days has become toxic and may harm your respiratory system. Staying home and away from the dust particles is the smartest way to stay fit.