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Important Things to Look Before Booking a Hotel Room for Abroad Trip

Let's be truthful here, we all love vacations and early wait for it now and then. No matter, if it's a family trip or a solo trip, the excitement is crazy. Planning plays an important role to make a trip successful. It sounds easy, but it is quite a difficult task to plan the itinerary, book the flight tickets and hotel rooms without losing your cool. Even if you are planning the getaway since forever, you tend to forget this thing or that thing.

Similarly, a tiresome task is selecting the hotel room that enhances your trip experience rather than ruining it. We should actually thank the internet for being there and allowing us to book hotel rooms and resorts online. But again, everything comes with its loopholes. Puzzling, isn't it!? Don't worry! We are here to tell you about the things you should check before booking a hotel room for a foreign trip-

Location, Location, Location

Seriously, you need to be very careful when it comes to the area. If you have finalized your itinerary already, then you should ensure that the hotel is centrally located and is easily accessible. Also, make sure that the tourist attractions are located in the proximity especially if you are travelling with family. Get acquainted with the town's map – it's beneficial, and the route planning could end up being fun too.


It is possible that there are several excellent hotels, but they do not fit in your budget. Hence, it is advisable to consider your pocket while booking the right hotel for you. This doesn't mean you should compromise on the necessary facilities. Several hotels are cheap and have value-added services including laundry, extended hour room service, etc.

Always Compare

Tada! You have the internet and a lot of time before you finally take the flight. Make maximum use of apps available to compare prices and get the best deals. Consider going through various websites as it will help you get a similar room for a better price.

Room Facilities, Hygiene, & Safety

Usually, hotel rooms are safe for visitors. It is advised to be cautious if you are traveling alone or are on a girl's trip. Check for the hotel's policy if you are travelling with family. Check if the hotel rooms are couple-friendly or not. Check on the number of people that can accommodate in a single room. In case, any of these things are improper; they might ruin your vacation. Do not, I repeat do not forget to check if your hotel offers free Wi-Fi connectivity. So, don't hesitate to call and ask! Another vital thing you should look at is the hygiene level maintained at the hotel.


It is imperative to check the online reviews from the folks who have stayed earlier at the hotel. Remember, a hotel will always represent itself as being the best in that vicinity or website. It is your responsibility to get through the comments and analyze whether or not the hotel room is ideal for you. Social media sites, online travel forums, hotel review sites are of great help in finding the right hotel for you.


Do Not Ignore This! You will obviously want to get back to your hotel room after a long day of exploration. Check your hotel's accessibility from the airport, subway, and railway station.  Apart from easy access to public transport, ensure that your hotel offers shuttle service to tourist attractions, airports, and railway stations.

Cancellation Policy

We generally don't pay attention to the cancellation policy of a hotel. You never know, what comes up and changes the course of your trip. Hence, it is better to check the cancellation policy before booking the hotel room because you don't want to spend unnecessarily, do you?

On vacation, we always try to be cautious and make sure everything goes planned. If not, there is a travel insurance policy that will take care of the unforeseen situations that might pop up. A travel insurance policy is your best buddy when you are holidaying abroad.