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How to Save on your Electric Two Wheeler Purchase?

The need to use alternate fuels are now higher than ever before. Electric vehicles are one such efficient and highly economical alternatives to propel our commutation requirements. People are actively switching to electric two wheeler vehicles globally. Meanwhile, the Indian market has aided the people with some value-added benefits to encourage their use. 

While deciding to buy a new vehicle, it's important to consider the price and value. With E-vehicles, you will find the perfect balance between the two. They are reasonably priced and have great value for money. What's the best part? Now you can save a lot more money with your purchase! 

If you're planning to purchase an electric two wheeler, or are on the fence, read on to find out how you can save money on your e-bike purchase in India.

Government Policy

Some state governments have gone all-in to promote the use of electric vehicles. Delhi and Telangana governments have amended their electric vehicle policies recently. These amendments focus primarily on incentivizing E-vehicle users, facilitating the switch from petrol-run vehicles to electric ones more beneficial. 

Delhi government's new amendment has a long-term goal of having delivery service providers switch 50 percent of their fleet to E-vehicles by March 31st, 2020. The state government has announced incentives of up to ₹30,000 by Delhi Financial Corporation for delivery companies pledging to achieve the target. 

Both Delhi and Telangana government have waived-off registration fee and road tax on the purchase of a new E-vehicle. These states also have the provision for ₹5000 incentive on scrapping petrol-run two wheeler. 

In addition to that, they have planned on setting up charging stations, each within a 3-kilometer radius that will minimize the risk of running out of charge mid-way.

Low Maintenance Cost

Owning a vehicle and maintaining it is very different, regardless of its type. The perk of owning an E-vehicle is its low maintenance cost that rounds off to almost half of a petrol-run vehicle. Per kilometer running cost of these vehicles winds up to less than 25 paise. Such vehicles have no more than 20-25 moving parts as compared to over 2,000 mobile parts in a fuel-run two wheeler. They are also pretty light-weight, hence require less energy.

Bike Insurance

The importance of safety cannot be neglected while riding any vehicle. It is necessary to get your vehicle insured before you hit the roads.

​Buying bike insurance for an electronic two wheeler is much cheaper and better than fuel-powered bikes. Even if you opt for premium insurance, you still end up spending less than the basic insurance price for a petrol-bike.

Go Green!

In the days of extreme pollution and degrading air quality, it is necessary for the consumers to make conscious decisions and do their bits in saving the environment. 

Using electric two wheelers is your chance to go green, protect the environment, and save a whole lot of cash! What more can we ask for? 

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