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How to Apply for a NOC for Two Wheelers?

NOC is a common term which you might have frequently heard at many places. You have to get an official document from the RTO which will be the Non-Objection Certificate. NOC is the way to register your vehicle with the state RTO. When you purchase the vehicle, you get the state NOC. While shifting to a new state for more than a period of 12 months you have to get the NOC from the state government.

The motor vehicle act of 1988 says that the state RTO is in charge of maintaining a record of the individual drivers and their vehicles. With the registration, the RTO can collect excise duty payments and can also maintain the pollution standards as per the provision of the law. Now, that we have understood the importance of NOC for the bike owners. Let us take a look at the process of applying to the NOC.


How to apply NOC for a bike?

The process starts with writing a NOC to the local RTO of the state which you are residing. It must state that you are planning to move for more than a period of 12 months. With NOC form you will be required to submit other forms as well. Form 27 is the application for the new registration while Form 28 is the grant for new NOC.

If you are planning to get a bike on EMI you will need to submit the NOC certificate to the financer stating that they don't have any objection from the move. Also, for the timely approval of the certificate, you can provide them with a NOC from the local police station. This is necessary to make sure that they are no outstanding due to the name of the person. The pending enquiries and dues must be cleared before the movement.

Documents Required to get the NOC

So, to get the NOC you will need to submit the following documents to the RTO

  • An application requesting the NOC
  • Registration certificate of the bike which has to be self-attested
  • Original copy of the bike insurance
  • All the receipts of duties paid upon the purchase of your bike
  • Copy of the pollution paper of the vehicle
  • Identity proof and address proof which is to self-attested

In case the purchase was through the EMI. The NOC from the financer must be presented then.


Applying for the NOC may look like a lengthy process. With the online collection of some documents, it is much simpler. The NOC you receive will be applicable for 6 months once the NOC expires you won't be able to register at a new state. A lot of these documents are available online, including both the forms. One can also reach their financer to provide them with the NOC. However, getting NOC online is still not an option. With changing trends due to the pandemic, we might soon this change.


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