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High-Security Registration Plate Meaning

​The ministry of road transport and highways issued an order that mandates all the vehicles sold before 1 April 2019 need to have a High-Security Registration Plate and colour coded fuel sticker. However, due to unclear guidelines, people were left confused and frustrated. If you need some clarity on whether your vehicle needs High-Security Registration Plate and the right method to get it, this article might help you with the details. Invest in a car insurance policy if you are planning to get a new car.  

What is HSRP and Colour Coded Sticker?

HSRP plates are standard plates with few features that are different and easily identifiable. These are signs which prevent others from tampering with number plates. HSRP is only issued after the vehicle is registered with RTO digitally, the registration will be linked only to your car. It will prevent vehicles from theft and will also stop misuse of the plates. 

Some official features of HSRP

  • The hologram is hot stamped and is chrome based 
  • Blue IND acronym for India
  • Laser branded identification number unique for each vehicle
  • White (or yellow in case of a commercial vehicle) retro-reflective sheet
    If any of these features are missing, you are driving with an unofficial registration plate which would be liable to fine. 

    Colour Coded Fuel Sticker

    It is also called a third registration plate that is affixed to the windscreen of the vehicle. Previously this sticker was supposed to be transparent, but now it is colour coded. Colour coding is done to differentiate between diesel, petrol and gas cars. Blue sticker is mandatory for petrol cars, orange stickers are for diesel cars and BS6 cars are to be fitted with a green sticker. 


    How to get HSRP for your car?

    The process of getting HSRP varies depending on the state in which the vehicle was registered. For this, you will need to cross-check with the RTO for the list of a car dealership to which authority for giving HSRP plates and colour coded stickers are given. A few states have handed out the process to private organisations. 


    The prices of getting HSRP also vary from state to state. The average price for getting HSRP for two-wheeler is Rs 400 while for four-wheeler the cost is around 1000. The average price of a sticker is Rs 100. The prices specifically for your location may vary, thus the best thing is to check with the retrospective RTO for the best price. 

    Is HSRP mandatory? 

    After the amendment having HSRP is mandatory to avoid fie of Rs. 5,000 or even 10,000. If you have bought a car after 2010, then it might already have an HSRP plate. In that case, you will only need to get a colour-coded sticker according to your car. 
    What about cars registered in other states and driven in others?

    You may not be resident of t​he state you purchased your car in or you might be driving your car in another state than that of purchase state due to job transfer. Unfortunately, you will not be able to obtain an HSRP or the colour coded sticker from the state you are currently residing in. You will need to approach the RTO of where your car was registered ad apply. Renew motor insurance with all these measures to be safe while driving.