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Guide To Prevent Premature Rusting And Discoloration of Two Wheelers

​Weather effects can be rash on your two-wheeler just as on your skin and health. Harsh weather conditions faced by most parts of our country the majority of the year can end up corroding or rusting your bike or scooter. Rain, heat, sunlight can do all kinds of harm to your two-wheeler which can easily reduce its life and worth. You need to be extremely precautious with your vehicles, not just in areas with extreme weather conditions but in every other place as well.

Investing in two wheeler insurance can save your money when your vehicle faces ‘health issues’, but to avoid claiming that, you need to take some precautions. Here we’ve listed some easy ways how you can save your two-wheeler from premature rusting and discoloration, and have a great ride for longer!

Without much further ado, let’s get started!

Rust Prevention

Rust is metal cancer. It starts from one spot and slowly engulfs the entire metal body, leaving it hollow and weak. It might also lead to a complete breakdown of the vehicle by disintegrating the components.

The primary chemical components leading to rusting and corrosion are water and oxygen. These react with metal, leading to the formation of rust. To protect your vehicle from rusting, you need to keep it away from moisture as much as possible.

Here are some tips to protect your two-wheeler from moisture:

  • In coastal areas, salt in the air can act as a catalyst for rust. In such areas, it is imperative to keep your vehicle away from moisture and saltwater.
  • After washing the vehicle, wipe off or blow dry every last bit of moisture
  • Make sure to dry metallic areas that are hard to reach, that is, bolting points, chain, and most of the bottom body.
  • Keep the chain lubricated always
  • Coat your vehicle with anti-rusting treatment
  • Wash and dry the vehicle well after riding in the rain to get off all the dirt
  • Park the vehicle in a dry, ventilated garage with a good-quality cover when not in use.
  • In case you notice rusting, immediately seek professional help

  • Discoloration Prevention

    Shiny surfaces attract the sun's UV rays that ultimately fade the color and finish of most painted surfaces. If you leave your two-wheeler in the sunlight for too long, too often, it is most likely to get discolored and look extremely old and well, sad.

    Here are some tips to slow down the discoloration and keep your two-wheeler looking fresh and new for longer:

  • Always try to park your two-wheeler under a dense shade
  • If possible, cover it with good quality, thick cover whenever parked to protect it from dust and acidic bird droppings
  • Get your vehicle coated with a layer of UV-protection treatment
  • Make sure your vehicle cover is made of a material that allows ventilation and keeps the covered area cool.

  • Good health and appearance of your vehicle are necessary to prolong its life and performance. Take these simple precautions to prevent any harm to your vehicle. For the rest, buy two wheeler insurance to cover for any issues that arise!