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Guide To Maintain Your Two Wheeler's Paint

​You liked a bike in a showroom, you bought it, you took it for a ride to show-off, and that’s it? Do you think you don’t need to do anything to maintain the shining colour of your beloved bike? Well, my friend, if you want your bike to shine continuously, then you have to give it some of your time and properly take care of it. Maintaining your two wheeler’s paint is no rocket science, but before you know how to, you should insure your bike with all-important two wheeler insurance, as it will protect your bike financially from any mishaps. Now, let’s see how you can maintain the paint of your bike. 

Cover Your Bike

This is one of the basic things that you should do to maintain the paint of your beloved bike. Cover your bike with parking cover, and it will be more effective than any wax or polish or cleaning will be.  You should either park your bike in a shade or cover it with parking cover away from harmful rays of sun, dirt, dust, and poop of birds. This also ensures that you don’t have to clean your car, which will save water and time. 

Clean It Often

Even if you cover your bike with parking cover, there will be times when extreme weather will cause some amount of dirt and muck to accumulate overnight on your bike, what will you do? In such a condition, you should clean your bike, or dirt can cause scratches on the exteriors and take off the paint before time. You should wash your bike once every two weeks, but don’t wash it every two days also. 

Take Care Of Scratches

There will be a day when you will discover several nicks in the paint or headlight. You might even see scratches on your beloved bike, NIGHTMARE! Yes, it is true. But after you mourn about it, you should take care of scratch but how? 

Scratches are indeed inevitable, but there is one thing that you can do to save your bike from these unwanted elements. You should get a transparent film, which you can put on your bike. This will surely protect the paint from scratches. 

Wax Habitually To Keep It Shining

Yes, washing can rinse off dirt and dust from your bike, but it will not be able to make your bike shine as it used to in the showroom. Only if you polish the paint of your bike after washing it, you will be able to make your bike shine like it is brand new. Polish will not only make your bike shine but will also ward off all the dirt and dust as they will not be able to stick on the surface and your bike’s paint will get saved from any unfavorable conditions. 

Wash, wax, cover, polish - these are essential things that you should do to maintain your two-wheeler’s paint. To be entirely sure you should buy two wheeler insurance also. This insurance will not only take care of your bike but also of your finances.