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Guide To Help During A Motorcycle Breakdown

One of the worst nightmares of a motorcycle rider is that their bikes stop in the middle of nowhere. If you are a biker, you must have this fear that what will you do if your beloved bike stops on an unknown road where you are alone and there is no help in sight. You should know that even the most well-serviced motorcycle can breakdown. You now must have loads of questions like what will you do? Or whom should you call? Or how can you manage?

No worries, we have prepared a list of some quick tips that you can follow in case your Motorcycle breaks down in the middle of nowhere. These tips are mentioned below: 

Always Carry A Small Kit For Minor Repairs

You should understand that once you are on a road, you are bound to face some minor breakdowns. If you know how to repair these minor things, you don’t have to depend on your two wheeler insurance’s network garage for repairs. Yes, you have to learn somethings in order to repair minor breakdowns. Once you know your way around some minor issues, you can tackle them. All you need to carry is a small repair kit in hand. The kit should include, Tyre inflator, a small toolkit, Charger, Jumpstarter, Puncture kit.

Yes, all these tools in a bag sound too much. But trust us, they all will be helpful when no one will be there to help you repair your bike. 

Keep Emergency Sign And Reflector Clothing With You

Some people might think that this tip is of no help. But imagine if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere at night when the visibility is low. The roads in our country are unfortunately poorly lit. That’s why the number of deaths due to accidents is high in our country. But you should prevent accidents in the first place. You should wear a gear that has an inbuilt reflector, or you should wear separate reflective clothing to keep yourself safe such as a vest, trouser, or shoes with reflectors attached to them. You can also keep a folded emergency sign with you so that you can safely park your vehicle on the side of the road.

Always Keep Number Of Your Network Garage In-Hand

We at Reliance General Insurance offer two wheeler insurance online that will give you access to more than 4600 garages all over the country. In almost every city, we have a branch of our network garage. Make sure you keep the number of that network garage in-hand. All you need to do is just call them and they will pick your bike from the spot. So, in an emergency, you can call any one of them and get your motorcycle repaired without worrying about finances. Make sure you carry important documents related to your bike insurance with you all time when you go on a solo trip. 

Above mentioned tips will surely help during your motorcycle breakdown.