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Car Driving Tips You Must Follow

​In the year 2016-2017, more than 21,00,000 lakh cars were sold in India, which effectively makes India one of the largest markets for cars in the world. The irony is, in 2015, BBC reported that more than 400 people die from road accidents in India every day.

Car accidents are often catastrophic because cars have a large momentum. Here are five things you can do to make your car trip safer.
Wear your seat belt
Cars have seatbelts for a reason- to save lives. Seat belts save thousands of lives each year (they save an estimated 15,000 lives in the US alone every year: Source: The National Highway Traffic Administration). But some people don't like to wear seatbelts because they think it's feminine. There's nothing exciting or manly about not wearing a seatbelt. So make it a priority to attach the seat belt as soon as you sit in your car.

Don't talk on the phone when driving
You may have seen drivers speaking on the phone when driving. It is not only dangerous but also a traffic offense. In Gurugram, if the traffic police catch you speaking on the phone while driving, your driving license will be suspended for 3 months. Talking on the phone while at the wheel reduces your reaction time and increases the likelihood of accidents.

Don't share the seat belt
Don't buckle up two kids under a single seat belt. Many parents with young kids do this, thinking that it gives greater protection. But is a dangerous thing to do. Moreover, don't make kids sit in the front seat of the car. Passenger side airbags are designed to protect adults and not kids. They can actually injure children.

Buy a good car insurance
Car insur​ance is mandatory but you can always choose your insurance company. A vigilant customer will compare policy benefits before choosing a policy. For instance, Reliance General Insurance​ offers free roadside assistance (worth 500 rs) in case of a car breakdown. You also get cashless repair facilities across 10,000+ garages in India. Choosing the right vehicle insurance can reduce your liability if the occasion comes.

Don't be distracted
Frequent distractions during driving are a major cause of road accidents in India. Distractions can be internal or external. It can involve people talking on the phone, talking to other passengers, eating or drinking, moving objects on the dashboard, adjusting controls or others. Since we've appraised you of these factors, hopefully, you will be more careful next time.

Don't drink and drive
Driving under the influence of DUI is a serious crime in India. According to the recently amended Motor Vehicles Act, drunk driving will attract a penalty of 10,000 rupees. If you get into an accident when you are driving drunk and if a pedestrian is killed, you can be booked for a non-bailable offense and sentenced to up to 10 years in jail.

Ensure that your vehicle insurance is up-to-date. If your car insurance has already expired, don't worry. Reliance General Insurance gives you the option to self-survey your car and we'll deliver the policy to you within a few hours. Happy driving!