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Fine for Using Phone While Driving

​Our lives today revolve around modern devices. Time is money today and in the hectic schedules, people are often seen around their mobile phones and laptops all the times. The use of the mobile phone has been pushed to a level that today people are seen exercising, cooking and even driving while they are using mobile phones. 

Fitness tracking apps on phone, cooking guidance on phone and maps while driving all of these things have tied us to using phones while performing these activities. Using a mobile phone is a major distraction and can be extremely dangerous for the drivers as well as for others who are driving on the road. You must have motor insurance while driving your car on the road to avoid fine and also for the safe driving experience. We all must have heard this several times, let's take a closer look to understand this in a better way.

What is distracted driving?

Any activity that diverts our attention from driving is what we call distracted driving. It could be eating, talking, using gadgets, using entertainment devices and doing anything that diverts the attention from driving on the road. Distracted driving has been on the rise in India. A common survey stated that 47 percent drivers agreed to receive calls while driving on the road, 96 percent passengers feel unsafe when driver use phones around them, 41 percent agreed that they sued phone for work purposes while driving. 

Distracted driving is one of the major reasons for road accidents in India. In India total fatalities alone is over 10% of all fatal road accidents in the world. Indian government recognised this matter and has stepped up to resolve it. In 2019 an amendment to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 was passed and approved by the president. With changed guidelines, there have been implementations of heavy penalties for breaking traffic rules. 

Fine for driving while using a mobile phone

Using a phone while driving leads to distraction. It falls under traffic rule violation and leads to a heavy penalty. After the amendment in 2019, the fine for using a mobile phone while driving was increased from Rs 1000 to Rs 5000. This drastic action was needed to prevent the issue of distracted driving and to decrease the number of road accidents that occur due to the same.

Role of Drivers

As a responsible citizen of the nation, we must follow all the rules and regulations. In case of an urgent call, the motorist needs to stop their vehicle in a safe area and then use their phone. This single practice by all the drivers can lead to a decrease in the number of accidents that occur on daily basis. 

Insurance in India

A rising number of accidents have brought several amendments to the existing traffic rules. You will be fined Rs 2000 for not carrying insurance. Buy car insurance online to get the best deals on your insurance. Insurance companies offer a different scheme for buyers depending on requirement and needs. Pick the insurance which is best for you and drive safely on the road. ​