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Extend The Life of Your Two Wheeler Battery With These 6 Tips

​We tend to use our two-wheelers heavily without paying any attention to their batteries and their maintenance. The key to maintaining your two-wheelers for a longer period is by marinating battery. Long battery life will mean that your vehicle will go for a longer period in comparison to the other vehicles. But there is more to just regular maintenance and going to the service station each time. It is not necessary to be pro at mechanics you can sue some basic tips to make sure that your battery goes a long way. 

Your bike insurance may cover the damages for your vehicle but the slow degradation of the vehicle with heavy use could be covered by no one and thus here are the tips which will help maintain the battery in a good condition. 


The fluid of the battery should be checked frequently depending on the use of the vehicle and electrolyte should be filled with distilled de-ionized water regularly. Make sure you do not use regular water even after boiling, this could make the batteries weak in the long run. Buying de-ionized water is not costly enough and you can spend the amount on your vehicle regularly for its long use. Using distilled water will make the batteries go in the long run as they do have an impurity. 

Lose Connections

It is important to check regularly if there are any loose connections in the vehicle. All the parts of the battery are connected through the battery by internal wiring and any oose connection will mean that the vehicle won't be started easily. Pushing the vehicle could cause serious issues to some other parts as well. Therefore, regularly check for loose connections and shorting's to avoid any kind of complication in the long run. 

Disconnect when not in use

If you are not going to use your vehicle for a long period then the best thing advised is to disconnect the batteries as it will prevent any kind of power loss. Plugged in batteries results in power loss and avoiding it could ensure that battery life is extended. It is important to store the battery at a warm and dry place.

Avoid overloading

The accessory which you attach to your bike whether it is neon lights, external heavy horn puts a lot of load on the battery. This could lead to frequent power drying and eventually, the battery would die before then it is expected to. Therefore, it is important to make sure at first that accessories you are using are within the given limits of the battery power and will not put overpressure on them. 


Usually, when the bike doesn't start at first it could be because of the could battery but even after it does not start after several attempts it means that your battery is getting degraded and it needs an urgent look by the professional. 

Charge Regularly

Last but not the least, make sure to charge the battery of the vehicle on regular basis.

Buy bike insurance online and drive your new bike safely on the road following the above tip to enjoy the lavish ride for a longer period​.