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Explore Northern Lights from these Destinations

Nature is blessed with several beautiful occurrences that can surprise us to the core. One of such magnificent artistic displays is the Northern Lights. The neon glow of the aurora has captivated millions of human lives for thousands of years across the globe. Thanks to the technological advancements and ease of travelling to unexplored destinations, it has become easier to chase the gorgeous Northern Lights.

But what are these Northern Lights? The neon glow of the Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis, is a result of the collision between the charged solar particles and atmospheric gases. This magnificent light show can last for a few minutes or even days at a time.

The perfect possibility to catch a glimpse of these Northern Lights is during cold, nights with clear skies. A few locations in both the southern and northern hemisphere have sightings around the year. However, the chances increase during the winter season as the nights are longer, colder, and clearer.

Abisko, Sweden

Abisko, Sweden, is blessed with a unique micro-climate that makes it one of the best scientifically-proven places to witness the Northern Lights. The climate of Abisko is different from its surroundings, thanks to the 43-mile long Torneträsk Lake. The lake creates the perfect ambiance called the “Blue Hole of Abisko," where the skies stay clear of clouds no matter what the weather condition is around. The Northern Lights in Abisko, Sweden can be observed in the form of spirals, curtains, arcs or   

Thinking about clicking astonishing pictures of the Northern Lights? Iceland is the place to be! You can witness the beautiful light show from almost anywhere in the country. Exciting! Isn't it? What's more? There are several beaches in Iceland where the Northern Lights look just spectacular if you visit on the right night. Want to have a magical experience? Visit the Pingvellir National Park and watch the sky dancing above you.

Alberta, Canada

The prime spot to witness the Northern Lights in Alberta, Canada, in the area near Lake Superior. Wood Buffalo and Jasper national park are the world's two largest dark sky preserves, thereby allowing you to witness the surreal phenomenon in a better manner. To cherish the beautiful night sky, you can even take a wild dog sledge ride or a snowmobile. Either way, you are off to an incredible trip. Plan your trip and also get a travel insurance for Canada in advance

Tromso, Norway

Tromso is situated in the Northern Lights oval, which gives it a good chance of showcasing the Northern Lights irrespective of the sun's cycles. Tromsø Noway has a moderate coastal climate, which makes it a better habitable place than other destinations on the list.

Go ahead and book your flights and hotels well in advance.  Visit in the winters as it increases your chances of witnessing one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. Also, don't forget to cover your trip with a comprehensive travel insurance policy. A travel insurance policy secures you against unfortunate circumstances like a lost passport or trip delay as they can totally ruin your trip. So, buy travel insurance online now and stay covered.​​​