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Electric Two Wheeler Buying Guide

​A two wheeler is such a convenient vehicle for commuting on narrow & congested roads and bumper-to-bumper traffic that many car owners still decide to buy electric two wheeler. Whether it is a backup option or your primary means of transport, owning a two wheeler makes your life way more manageable as it gets you from one point to another in a swift, convenient and cost-effective manner. According to the industry, about 21 million electric two wheelers were sold in India in 2019. 

It can be a little difficult to decide since there are lots of two wheelers in the market to influence you with the latest model, design, color options, and of course the price tag. If you are thinking to save money on fuel and have a eco friendly vehicle, you should opt for an electric bike or electric scooter. To help you decide which two wheeler is perfect for you, here are tips to guide you for purchasing an electric two wheeler. 

1. Know Whether You Want A Scooter Or A Bike

Both have some pros and cons. You should know the main benefits and features of a scooter and a bike to make an informed purchase decision. 

Electric scooters deliver great handling and ease of riding since most are gearless, saving you from the hassle of changing gears in traffic. Besides this, electric scooters also deliver better storage space and cost less than a bike. Hence they are perfect for city driving by any family member. A bike is a more robust machine that will give you more power, better vehicle control because of the greater overall stability and gearbox. 

2. Fix A Budget

From budget to mid-range and high-end machines, electric two wheelers are available to fit in the range of wallets and preferences. Deciding your budget will automatically lessen your choices, making it more convenient to choose the most suitable option. Your budget should cover the amount you can self-finance, EMI over a typical 1-3 year loan tenure, maintenance expenses, and insurance cost for however long you plan to keep the two wheeler. 

3. Do Some Research

Go through online user reviews and talk to appropriate people to find out more about the electric two wheeler you plan to buy or even the option you may have shortlisted. You will get proper information on fuel-efficiency, engine performance, maintenance issues, on-road performance, etc. You can also compare the features and specifications of different two wheelers online before deciding which one to buy. 

4. Check Maintenance Cost and Availability Of Service Centers

The different parts and components of a two wheeler need regular maintenance to keep it performing in perfect condition. Before purchasing an electric two wheeler, make sure that the components are available at a reasonable price and there is a good all-India service network including a service center near you. Plus, ensure that you have bike insurance so that you can manage the expense caused due to an accident or theft. 

Hopefully, these points have given you a fair idea of buying an electric two wheeler as per your needs. Also, remember even though it is an electric vehicle, you do need to protect it with a two wheeler insurance policy​ for covering it against financial risks.