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Electric Scooter Accidents on the Rise - Why you should insure your Electric Scooter?

​We all know as the abundance of anything grows, it brings in a lot of pros and cons, this is specifically true for technology. With the rise in the production of electric scooters, more people were investing in them. The rise brought in a very interesting report which suggested that the electric motor road accidents have tripled since last year. Insurance companies have also reported an increase in accidents and claims being made. This could be due to the fast speeds and negligence while driving. 

The basic principles for safety while driving an electric scooter are very simple; Only one person should drive the electric scooter at a time, for all people under 16, a helmet is required, and to avoid any kind of accident the user must reduce the speed in crowded places. Also, one must be friendly with the working of an electric scooter and only then should confidently drive it on the busy roads. When crossing the road, one has to be seriously very careful as a scooter rider will always be the weaker party in a collision and may get serious injuries. The public scooters for rent often have speed limits and are safe the private powerful scooters are what adds to the traffic. 

A lot of children are involved in these kinds of accidents. Every morning one could witness school-going children driving their electric scooter at high speeds without any helmet. 

Why you should get insurance?

With the rising number of accidents getting insurance is a must. Electric scooter doesn't always have mandatory insurance, but it is often good to get one, as you will not be able to cover all the damages. Getting insurance cover for the electric scooter was once a complex process with hazy rules but now the process has been simpler than ever. 

The electric scooter is the fastest-growing urban technology and a good mode of transport, they are cheap, easy to be unlocked with smartphones, they are widely available, and cause less pollution. All these benefits make these scooter transport of the future generation.

Thus, it is important to get insurance to be on the safer side. With these quick-changing trends, it has been hard for the insurance companies to keep up but they are constantly pushing and doing their best to get the vehicle registered. â€‹

Insurance Terms

Insurance companies have to understand the preferences of people to stay relevant. While providing scooter insurance they need to work with good data for giving the best results. Getting bike insurance is a quick, simple and easy process, where one could simply register and get done with all the formalities online.

There's still a lot of confusion regarding which insurance will pick up the liabilities regarding the electric scooter claim. Thus, there are a lot of things that need to be clarified before hopping onto your electric scooter.

Buy scooter insurance at a low price and get the same benefit and be protected while driving on the road.​