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​​Do Insurance Yourself – The New Age Insurance Experience


India is a country that has navigated its way through tough times & hurdles; sometimes slowly, often rapidly, but always moving ahead. Since 2014, a few measures have been introduced. Namely:

  • Digi​​tal India
  • Skill India
  • Make in India​​​​
  • Start-up India
  • Smart Cities
These were introduced while working to remove the bureaucratic red tape and make the country more investor-friendly. At the heart of it, most of these efforts were aimed at bringing in transformation in governance & accelerating socio-economic development through the optimum use of-

  • ​Reliable networks
  • Widespread connectivity
  • Intelligent technologies
  • Digital disruptors like the cloud

  • Effects of Digital Revolution

    The digital revolution has changed the way companies interact with the audience, creating an environment where information, marketing & technology must work together. Industrialists and companies have achieved significant success in adopting digital platforms to deliver top-notch customer experience. As mobile & social networks increase in popularity, the audience is relying on smart phones and tablets to research or compare prices & buy products on the go.

    Customers expect the same experience from their insurance carriers as they do from their favourite app, search engine or an e-commerce website. They expect all these experiences to be integrated and consistent. The increased availability of, and access to, data is what is bringing insurance to life in the digital world.
    As a result, traditional businesses are being turned on their heads. Welcome to the instant world. Everything is moving at an exhilarating speed — novelties, trends, new products,etc. Everything is happening now. The generation craves for instant feedback, messaging & gratification. Markets and the world are now complex, internet based adaptive systems. ​ 
    Reliance Selfi App

    One such example is the newly launched Reliance Self-i App, available on the Play Store & App Store. The Reliance Self-i App is a smart app aims at speeding and simplifying your insurance experience with an array of unique services embedded in the application. This app assists you with quick video claim assistance and provides real-time claim/service status. With Reliance Self-i App, you can buy/renew your Insurance policy with just a tap and also get quick access to nearby garages, hospitals & RGI branches. You can also store all your important documents like Policy Copy, Driving License, etc, safely in an E-Doc vault for ready reference.

    Reliance Self-i has several unique features that help create an extensive interaction between the customers and the company. A few of them are:

    • Hassle-free login options which can be initiated through the customers Mobile Number
    • Real-time notification about the status of your claim/service request, no phone calls required
    • Instant video claim assistance, with claim advisor for a speedy claim settlement
    • Alternatively, you may also schedule an in-person survey with our claim experts, at a preferred time &location
    • Quick renewal, with self-inspection of the vehicle, in case of policy expiry
    • E-Doc vault is available to keep all your important documents and policy copy, handy & secure
    • Insta Locator to find nearest hospitals & garages for cashless transactions in case of emergencies
    • Wholesome customisation and user-friendly navigation for an excellent experience
    • Buy new policies at ease alongside linking Aadhaar & other important details in one click.
    How will Reliance Self-i perform in the market?

    Features like Insta Claim, Real-Time notifications, Live video assistance paired with the unique features Reliance General Insurance offers, create an extra-ordinary experience for the user. Since the next generation of digital consumers want to have consolidated banking, insurance & wealth protectionat its fingertips — all in one place, banks are largely willing to provideinformation today&draw upon various sources & aggregators to offer that service. The real trick is providing

    • Information
    • Transactions
    • Conversation
    However, consumers also want real-time data post-sale to service themselves while viewing the current health and welfare of their life & products in an integrated fashion.

    Reliance Self-i, a smart app by Reliance General Insurance seems to have made sure the customers have a top-notch experience while using the simplified and user-friendly application. New technologies like this will soon prove to be a boon for consumers, bringing more choice, better service and lower prices. Companies stand to benefit as well, especially those that use the digital revolution as an opportunity to rethink all their processes, from customer service to claims management. ​