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Countries Which Have The Cleanest Air

Clean Air is not only important for the health of the residents of the country but is also one of the key factors in the growth of tourism. A place with clean air is likely to grow more rapidly in terms of tourism in comparison to other countries. When we are planning a foreign trip, we often think about the quality of life at the place and how peaceful it would be.

Now as we have begun talking about travelling, it is important to start with mentioning the importance of travel insurance for any kind of foreign travel. If you are planning to have foreign travel and looking for a clean place where you get clean air to breath in here is the list of 5 countries with the cleanest air.


​The country has one of the cleanest airs as it's the least population density and the greenery combines with the scenic beauty makes this one of the most popular travel destinations for people. This is also a widely popular shooting location. It is located in Northern Europe and is a famous travel destination.


 Canada is the biggest country in the least of a country with clean air. The population of the country is good enough but due to low population destinations, it has managed to keep the air clean. The country has a massive geographical diversity which makes it home for a large variety of flora and fauna. The green cover of the country with strict environmental policies gives it one of the cleanest airs and makes it a widely popular travel destination. Make sure to buy a Travel Insurance for Canada before you travel.


The country is located in Northern Europe and is neighbour to Sweden and Norway. This is one of the highest flourishing regions in the word if everything is combined. The conditions are often similar but still, the country has cleaner air than the neighbours. The dense forest could be one of the reasons for clearer air quality. Also, Finland is one of the happiest places and is the best tourist destination. You'll find that there surely is a link between a clean and green environment with a happiness index. Ensure you get a Schengen Travel Insurance before you travel.



Brunei is the only Asian country is the list. Asia is famous for one of the most polluted countries but this has made it into the list. The country shares the border with Malaysia. The country had attained freedom in 1984 from the UK and still has managed to climb the growth ladder. Despite the rapid industrial growth, the country manages to be on the list due to rich bio-diversity. Don't forget to buy Asia Travel Insurance before you leave.



The country is located in Northern Europe and is on the list due to large forest cover and less population. Like other countries, it rates higher in the Human development index.

If you are planning to travel to one of the countries buy travel insurance online now and have a safe trip