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Best Places to Visit Around the World for People Who Love to Eat

 Food and nature lovers become the best version of a traveler. They are the ones who love to eat and explore different destinations around the world to tantalize their taste buds. If you are one of those, here we have compiled a list of certain culinary destinations where you can satisfy hunger but taste buds will always want more. 

Note: these places may tempt you and encourage you to book your flights to one or more destinations listed-below, so keep your travel insuranceready and renew it if required. 

List of Best Places to Savour the Taste of Best Exotic food. 

1. Miami, Florida, The US 

Miami itself is an exotic destination, and when it comes to food, it’s hard-beaten. From presentation to taste, you will find everything over the top. The city is home to a range of restaurants where you can find an array of exotic destinations. The variety is enormous and the taste of the food here is unmatched that you may find it difficult to hold yourself and want to try everything listed in the menu. 

2. Sydney, Australia 

Sydney, the largest and most colorful city in Australia, which has something for everyone on its platter. From fancy food to sea food to land’s specialty, everything is killer. Here you can find different culinary scenes and dishes with the spice of different cultures. Sydney provides shelter to different people from different nations including Vietnam, Chinese, Greece, Indian and many more. So, imagine the gourmet scene here, how diverse it can be, isn’t it? So, if you are foodie and love to travel, Sydney is Australia must be on your radar. So plan your trip and get a travel insurance for Australia as well,

3. Brazil 

Being the largest country in South America and having occupied almost half of the continent, it consists of a range of ecosystems. This tropical destination home to a large gourmet scene, which serves the best purpose for the foodies. Brazilian flavors never disappoint the foodies with ever-so-changing taste buds. When you are here, make sure to taste moqueca de pintado, a coconut stew made from freshwater fish instead of prawns. 

4. Portugal

Portugal is greatly impacted by the Mediterranean which also reflects in their food with the twist of India and African flavors. Portugal offers its dishes in tapa style, where the appetizer is combined with the flavors of main dishes. Since it is a nautical country which has a well-developed fishing industry, most of their dishes are based on seafood and fishes. If you are someone who loves exotic and freshwater seafood, make your booking to Portugal and don’t forget to buy travel insurance for Portugal.

5. Tokyo, Japan 

A list of the world's top foodie destinations can’t be completed without the mention of Tokyo. It’s a bucket-list destination for all the foodie travelers and should be on your radar too (if you are a true foodie). It is considered as the world's top capital for dining, and when it comes to the number of restaurants it houses, the statistics can amaze you. The capital city alone is home to 160,000 restaurants, which is more than enough to keep to full for weeks. 

These were some of the best destinations where you can explore amazing gourmet scenes. So, wait no more and pick a destination to revel the best tastes in the world, but before that buy travel insurance online to cover your travel for any unforeseen situation.