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Are Sedentary Lifestyle Diseases Covered in Insurance Policy?

​The changes in our lifestyle have a huge impact on our health. An inactive or sedentary lifestyle has become a serious public health concern over time. With the rising work from home culture and the lack of physical activity, many of us are becoming victims of this kind of lifestyle. It has widespread across the country and is linked to several chronic health conditions.​

What is considered to be a sedentary lifestyle?​

A sedentary lifestyle is mostly inactive and without much physical activity. It involves long hours of sitting or lying down with no exercise. As we spend a lot of time working from the couch, watching television, or playing video games, we become inactive. A lot of our jobs have become more sedentary and it involves sitting at the desk for 9-10 hours a day. Even when we have to go somewhere, it involves sitting in the car, trains, or bus. This is unhealthy and can have serious long-term complications on your health and wellbeing.

Which diseases are linked to it?

Studies have shown that there are physical and mental health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Consistently leading such a lifestyle can lead to:​

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cancer
  • Early death
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Due to a long period of inactivity, your metabolism will go down and it will have an impact on the body's ability to control blood pressure, blood sugar levels and break down fat. This will have a direct impact on your physical health. It is essential to reduce the amount of time spent being sedentary and do more exercise. The above-mentioned diseases can transform your life in several ways and will change the way you function.
    The best way to avoid sedentary lifestyle diseases is to engage in physical activity regularly. Even if it is 30 minutes of a brisk walk or 20 minutes of jogging, it will go a long way. Whether you are at home or in the office, you can take a quick break and engage in physical activity. It does not have to be extensive or time-consuming. Choosing to take stairs over an elevator also makes a significant difference. Taking the precautions will help maintain a distance from the diseases.

    How can health insurance help me?

    Buying health insurance plans can help you in case of a sedentary lifestyle disease. If you have a medical condition due to your lifestyles, such as diabetes, cancer or obesity, the insurance policy will cover the cost associated with the medication and treatment. If you already suffer from a medical condition, the health insurance premium will be on the higher side. But if you take precautions, you can be in the safe zone.
    The cost of healthcare is rising and diseases can drain your savings. If you use your emergency fund, it will put you back by a few years and you will have to start all over again. This is why health insurance coverage is essential. It reduces out-of-pocket expenses and will make it possible for you to get the best treatment for the disease.
    You can enjoy all health insurance benefits with the right policy. For diseases like cancer, it is advisable to invest in a critical illness policy that provides a lump sum amount at the time of diagnosis of the illness. A health insurance policy will cover the expenses incurred towards the consultation fees, medical tests, hospitalisation costs, ambulance charges, and even post-hospitalisation recovery costs to some extent. Most insurance companies have a tie-up with hospitals that offer cashless treatment making it easy and convenient for you to avail medication and treatment.​