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Alloy Wheels v/s Spoke Wheels: Which is Better For Bikes?

The bikers in India have been more inclined towards alloy wheels lately, which also are called 'Mag Wheels'. The reason behind more inclination towards alloy wheels is that we got to try our hands on them after a very long time after their introduction. Earlier the sports bikes were imported to India and people from a rich society could afford these most sought-after two-wheelers. But this is not the case anymore, many entry-level bikes also have alloy wheels. But before you buy one, it is important to understand the difference between alloy and spoke wheels.

Difference Between Alloy Wheels and Spoke Wheels


Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are light in weight since these are produced from light metal alloys, especially magnesium or aluminum. The process of production of alloy wheels is known as a casting, which includes pouring hot molten alloy into the wheel cast and letting it cool down. Once the alloy has cooled down, the wheel is extracted from the mold. The wheel is made durable and strong using another process known as Forging. This method includes pressing solid metal using a hydraulic pressing machine at an extremely high temperature to transform it into a compressed circular piece of metal. This compressed round metal piece is sent to the CNC machine to remove the extra metal from the piece. Then only an alloy wheel emerged as a stronger wheel that can be used in commuter bikes.  


Benefits of Alloy wheels

Since alloy wheels are produced from lightweight metal, the bikes are generally lighter than that of spoke wheel bikes. The lightweight causes a great impact when it comes to cut-throat competition in racing bikes. Moreover, they also improve the fuel efficiency of bikes. Also, alloy wheels are more stable than spoke wheels in terms of higher speeds.

Spoke Wheels

The spoke wheels consist of spokes and steel rim. The spokes are made up of steel and metal, which are attached to the hub where the disc brake or brake drum is located. The other end of the spoke is fixed with nipples on the steel rim. The entire spoke wheel structure is strong as well as flexible for the rubber tire.

Benefits of Spoke Wheels.

Since the wheel on the bike is the first thing that comes in contact with the road, and its rubber first absorbs the shock on the road coming your way. That is when the flexibility of spoken wheels comes into role. First of all the rubber of the tire absorbs the shock and then the real shock absorber does its job. That is the reason most off-road motorbikes are equipped with these types of wheels. Hence, if you are residing in a location where the roads are in bad condition, you should go with spoke wheel motorcycles.

Now that you have come across the difference and advantages of alloy as well as spoke wheels, you can find the perfect fit yourself, depending upon interests and area conditions. No matter which bike you go for, make sure you buy bike insurance to keep it safe.​