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5 Gadgets for your Daily Car Drives

​What a complete turn off would it be if you were on a road trip and got stranded on the road - thanks to your dead car battery. Well, you need not worry anymore. There are some pretty cool gadgets in the market these days that will get the tech freak in you excited. So, no matter where you're off to, these cool gizmos have got your back!

Jump Starter kit
Need a hand to start your car in the middle of nowhere? Jump starter kit to your service. Simply hook the kit's clamps to your car battery and voila! Not only does this kit come in handy in emergencies like these but you can also use it as a backup battery source for your car.

Tire pressure monitoring system
Flat tires are a complete no-no when you are in a mood to enjoy a stress free drive. So, get introduced to tire pressure monitoring system comprising of four sensors that attach to each tire. It measures the temperature and the pressure of the tires and shows the reading on a display that plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter.

A Dashcam is a forward facing camera that can be easily fixed on the dashboard of a car. Not only is this a handy device to shoot a memorable drive but can also help record visual evidence in the event of an accident. The footage it captures can be used to understand the reason behind a crash. It is a smart camera that can even switch off once you turn off the ignition.

Automatic car adapter
This tiny car adapter plugs into the onboard diagnostics port of your car and pulls data about your vehicle from its onboard computer. The adapter can be paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth and with the help of apps such as Concur or Expen​sify, you can keep tabs on engine problems, remember where you parked last, your trip history and even call for help in the case of an accident.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. During an emergency, if you must escape your car as quickly as possible but your car windows or doors are jammed, the Stinger is designed to shatter the dashboard or car window. The device also has a small blade on the backside that allows you to slice a jammed seat belt.
Amazing inventions, aren’t they? All these devices help you get through a couple of difficult situations one way or another; however, even they have limitations. In the event of a car collision on the road, what can help you get over the financial dilemma is a good car insurance policy. So, drive responsibly and be safe!