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110 CC vs 125 CC: Which Scooter Should You Choose

Are you planning to buy a scooter? Confused between 110cc and 125cc? If yes, then don’t worry. Here you will get the proper comparison between the two. If you want to know which one is better- 110cc or 125cc, then keep on on reading further.

Underseat Space

Scooters are meant to be very practical runabout, so how does that differ with engine size? Well, it all comes to the packaging of the innards. You will find it a little difficult to accommodate a full-face helmet under the seat storage compartment while the larger-engine ones can squeeze them in. It does not come down to just these factors, however. Things like seat height, fuel tank capacity, and ground clearance also make a huge difference, so people are not judging this yet.
Furthermore, experts suggest that if you want to buy a scooter then don’t forget to buy a scooter insurance policy​. 


Here is where the real difference comes into play. The 125cc scooters, despite their slight weight penalty, are quicker off the line to take off and keep on moving to higher top speed as well. Now, that top speed may only be greater by a few kilometers, but it matters nonetheless.
A point to note is that while the Suzuki engine is smooth and the Duro pulls are strong but it is a little noisy at full-throttle. Dare to say it, the sound sometimes disturbs you. Something the 110cc scooters do not do at full speed.

Where they really come into play is when there are two people on-board the scooter. The 125cc does not miss a beat while the 110s are left feeling a little unwilling and sluggish to move.


The only place where this extra displacement turns into a disadvantage is at the fuel pumps. Yes, it was bound to come up sometimes. The immortal question of how many km they will go on one liter of fuel. Well, extra displacement means you will get more capacity, which, in turn, means that you will require more air and fuel to fill the combustion chamber. In reality, though, these differences are brought down to some factors.

Fuel capacity, engine load, riding style, and a few other factors make a big difference in the mileage, so while the 110cc is inherently ahead, you can basically get the larger 125cc to return efficiency figure with a little effort.

People on the scooter​

It all comes down to one thing, then, and that is, how many people will be on the scooter most of the time? If your answer is just one, then you can go for 110cc as you will find no discernible benefit in the bigger engine scooters.

If, however, you do plan on going two up for most of the time, then you will enjoy the 125cc a lot more. But whatever your choice is, remember to buy the insurance and renew scooter insurance in a timely manner.