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10 Tips to Healthy Heart

​Did you know that cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including coronary heart diseases and rheumatic heart diseases, are the number one cause of death across the world? According to the WHO, around 17.9 million people die of CVD every year. While you might know the danger of consuming unhealthy foods, it is sometimes difficult to change your eating habits. If you are eating lots of junk food, you may want to shift to a healthy diet, to prevent heart disorders.

Let us take a look at these significant ways that help in preventing heart disease:

1. Plan your food schedule – Eh! Did you just say food schedule? Well yes, if you think, it is because of unplanned food habits that you end up eating whatever is in your vicinity. Once you plan your day for your food intakes, it becomes easy and a no-brainer for you to resist junk foods and keep your heart healthy.  

2. Go for low-fat protein sources – Most people have the habit of eating less, but the frequency of eating is more as we go for anything which seems like a tasty option. If that is the case, you should opt for low-fat protein sources. Fish can be a good source of low-fat protein for non-vegetarians.

3. Eat small portions of food – Eating small portions of food helps the body to burn calories in a relaxed manner. When you are in a hotel, they serve your food in large quantities that are more than enough for a healthy heart. Ask for plates and bowls with small quantities of food that will help you adhere to this tip.

4. Good quality sleep – The kind of sleep schedule we follow is as important as the kind of food we eat. A person falls into a higher risk of obesity when their sleep cycle is disturbed and can result in heart-attacks and depression. You should stick to a sleep schedule and monitor it closely for any symptoms that can cause heart diseases.

5. Get away from tobacco and smoking - To maintain a healthy heart you should keep yourself away from every smoking habit. There are already many examples around you that will help you assess the harm that smoking tobacco can do to your health.

6. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet – You need to be heavy on fruits and vegetables as they are exceptionally low in calories and provide the body and heart with proteins that help in staying fit and maintaining a healthy heart.

7. Keep your health insurance valid all the time – You should have the best health insurance policy in your arsenal, as any disease or mishap can take place. You need to be ready for this and health insurance plans make sure that in case you are stuck with heart diseases they are there to cover for you. Nowadays you may also buy health insurance online with very little hassle.

8. Exercise as much as you can – You must have heard it many times, but we are restating as people think it is vague. Exercising keeps your heart rate stable and makes the heart-healthy.

9. Maintain a healthy weight - Weight gain can cause heart disease problems – especially high blood pressure, heavy cholesterol, and diabetes type 2. Maintain your weight by exercising daily and eating healthy.

10. Stress Management - Some people are unhealthily stressed—such as eating too much, drinking, or smoking. Alternative approaches to stress management—such as physical exercise, rest, or yoga improve your health.


1. What is the best diet to prevent heart diseases?

- A diet that is full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can prevent heart diseases.

2. Can I eat eggs for a good heart?

- Yes you can eat 7 eggs a week and maintain a healthy heart.

3. What kind of food should I avoid?

-  You should avoid eating fast foods, added salts, and coconut oil​