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Burn scars

​​There are three major types of burn related scars: Keloid, Hypertrophic and Contractures.

Keloid scars
Keloid scars are an overgrowth of scar tissue. The scar will grow beyond the site of the injury. These scars are generally red or pink and will become a dark tan over time.

Hypertrophic scars
Hypertrophic scars are red, thick and raised, however they differ from Keloid scars in that they do not develop beyond the site of injury or incision.
Contracture scar
Contracture scar is a permanent tightening of skin that may affect the underlying muscles     and tendons that limit mobility and possible damage or degeneration of the nerves.
Surgical procedures
Surgical Procedures help to conceal scarring and replace lost tissue for severe burn victims.

Dermabrasion and Skin Grafts

  • Dermabrasion is a surgical procedure to improve or minimize the appearance of scars, restore function and correct disfigurement resulting from an injury.
  • A Skin Graft is surgical procedure in which a piece of skin from one area of the patient's body is transplanted to another area of the body.

Pressure Garment Care:
Pressure garments play a vital role in the proper healing of wounds and reduce the effects of scaring, but for the garments to perform their job properly, they need to be


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