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Wellness & Technology


Technology in Healthcare

on -the- go

A portable water purifier which works without electricity
It's the best buy for a trekker, someone with a long commute or a school-going child—a handy bottle that makes tap water potable by removing microbiological impurities such as bacteria and viruses, organic impurities such as chlorine, and odour. The plastic used to make the bottle is non-toxic. The filter uses “Space Nano Technology with a cartridge life of up to 600 fills with a Natural Shut-of

Memory foam pillow
Revolutionize the way you sleep with the state of the art Gel Memory Foam Bed Pillow!
It is one of the most comfortable contour pillows available in the market. Both back and side sleepers will enjoy this pillow's ability to improve your comfort and help you get a better night's sleep. The contour pillow gently supports your head and neck, distributing your weight and promoting natural spinal alignment. This healthier sleeping position effectively reduces painful pressure points, providing superior comfort. The contoured shape allows your tired muscles to relax and your body to rejuvenate, while providing relief for sufferers of snoring, insomnia, neck pain and stress.

Multi alarm pills reminder
Make medication regimes simple !

Handy design Multi Alarm pill reminder gadget - slim enough to pop in a pocket or purse. Has 4 daily audio alarms that can be set to the exact times the medication is required. Gadget remembers the alarms that you have set for each day - but can easily be changed or cancelled if required. Very easy to use and programme with a large LCD display. Large buttons for easy setting. 4 large tablet compartments will take up to 6 large tablets.Useful feature with the memo key - if you press it the gadget will remember the time and sound an alarm at the same time 24 hours later. It is very easy to use and can help to manage even the most complex medication regimes.

Mobile applications

A Car Safety app that warns you of collisions!

iOnRoad improves driving in real time using the power of advanced smartphones. The app uses the smartphone’s native camera, GPS and sensors to detect vehicles in front of the host vehicle, alerting drivers when they are in danger. The  Visual Radar maps objects in front of the driver in real-time, calculating the driver's current speed using native sensors. As the vehicle approaches danger, an audio-visual warning pops up to alert of a possible collision, allowing the driver to brake in time.

Sleep Genius
NASA Inspired Sleep Aid App – Get Sleep, Feel Rested!

This app will help you fall asleep, get optimum rest while sleeping, and includes a power-nap mode. The Sleep Genius app incorporates neuroscience, sleep, sound, and music to help you “Get to sleep faster, sleep deeper, and stay asleep longer with the world’s most scientifically advanced sleep app. The underlying technology was tested and used by NASA astronauts to help them sleep.

Train your brain to remember anything with the help of this app!

Remembering random tidbits of information like a new phone number, a dictionary definition, or a quote is tough for a lot of us. Eidetic is an app that makes remembering a little easier by repeatedly sending notifications at specific intervals.
All you need to do is pick something simple you want to remember like a phone number, date, fact, or whatever else, and then Eidetic will remind you to test yourself on that data.