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​The Monsoons are here and we present a list of must see places during the monsoons that will even make a heavy downpour a memorable one.. So take a break from your routine work and advance for a splendid holiday to enjoy the rains.

Araku valley- Witness Nature at its best
Away from all the commercial tourist holiday destinations, Araku Valley is a hill station located close to Vizag and has much to offer. You can choose from a variety of things to see such as the Borra caves famous for its stalagmites and stalactites. Around 4 km away from the caves are the Katiki waterfalls known for their natural beauty

Getting There : Fly to Vizag from major Indian cities from where Araku is a four-and-a half –hour drive .

Diphu – Spectacular scenic beauty
Located in the lush, forest area of Assam, Diphu will appeal to any traveller seeking peace and solace away from concrete jungles. Take a stroll through the Botanical Gardens, host to a myriad variety of plants and trees. Calm your senses and take in the sights and sounds of chirping birds and blossoming flowers in a rainbow of colors. If you're in the mood to see something different, visit the Taralangso Cultural Centre and watch locals engage in various performing arts that reflect the culture of the land.

Getting There : It takes about three hours to reach Diphu from Guwahati

Coorg- Fusion of Beauty and Tranquility
Also known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is one of the rainiest places in India.The amazing and pleasant hill station in Karnataka covers 4100 square kilometers of land in the Western Ghats.Cool breeze, pleasant weather, mist covered surroundings, and fresh green views are some of the admiring results of dewy period in the area. Also don't miss the rich aroma of hot coffee!

Getting There : It's a five hour drive from Bengaluru

Darjeeling- Monsoon in a teacup
Also known as the Queen of Hills, Its cropping time at Darjeeling's tea estates when the hillsides look fresh and green during monsoons. Take a tea-tasting tour and experience how teas differ from hill to hill. Other main attractions are Darjeeling monastery, adventure sports like river rafting and mountain treks

Getting There : It takes about two hours to reach Darjeeling from Bagdogra Airport. Cabs are
available to hire at the airport for approximately Rs.2000 each way.

Udaipur-A royal monsoon showcase
Life in Udaipur, like its beautiful lakes, is at its full bloom during these magical spells of clouds. The splendor weather makes the palaces seem even more royal. Savour delicious 'dil jani' or give your taste buds a spicy treat of Dal Batti Churma, is another great monsoon delight in Udaipur

Getting There : Fly to Delhi from where Udaipur is a six hour drive. Radio taxis and auto
rickshaws are the best means to travel within the city

So, get into travel gear and take off to these spots...