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​all the way to stay fit…
Once used as a rehabilitative regimen for those with physical ailments, underwater exercises are now becoming popular all over the world. The buoyant effect of the water takes the pressure off the joints, alleviating pain and discomfort. The benefits include fat and inch loss, working towards getting a healthy back, building strength and stamina, flexibility in knees, neck, spine, ankles, hips, improved balance, posture and body coordination.
Underwater Cycling
The stationary bikes are placed in a pool and you have to combat the water's resistance and pedal faster, which works your muscles. The workout is said to fight cellulite, alleviate back pain without leaving a sore body the next day.Water cycling can actually give you a massage, as the water hits the fat deposits on the muscles in the leg and thigh.
HIT In Water
HIT (High intensity interval training) has shifted from gyms to pools now! The high speed bursts of activity in water are becoming popular as it breaks the plateau in your workout regimen. Initially, you can't last for more than five minutes, but you slowly build up to 20-30 minutes. Those with higher weight and suffering from heart problems must get a certificate from a doctor before trying it though.
Aqua Kickboxing
This one lets you throw punches in the water. Cross punches, uppercuts and hooks in the water help strengthen the muscles and make the body agile. The gentle rhythm of the movement encourages neuro-muscular coordination, which prevent Alzheimer's.
H20 Yoga
This workout takes the principles of yoga, asanas etc and adapts them to water. Practitioners maintain that the aqua environment allows you to experience waves, rolls, twists and other postures that you may not be able to achieve on land. The water allows an optimum stretch, relieving muscular tension.
Did you know?
While runners on the ground burn eight calories a minute, aqua runners burn 11.5!

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