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​​​​​​Proper Way to breast feed a baby
Most of the mothers don't know the correct technique of breast feeding. This leads to many unnoticed and biased problems in babies and lactating mothers. These include improper nutrition to baby, her growth, Oral thrush, low secretion of milk, inadequate feeds, nipple problems etc. Here are few simple ways to practice the art of breast feeding.
Technique of Breast feeding
Since feeds can take anything up to half an hour or so, pick a comfortable place for breastfeeding. It is important that the place you choose be quiet and never noisy, as noise can cause the baby to get distracted. Don't be afraid to try different things until you find what works for you. Make sure are completely comfortable while breast feeding.
Points to Note...

  • Hold your baby in a proper position so that you don't strain your arms and back.
  • Take care of your back and ensure that you don’t bend forwards
  • If it hurts when the baby latches on [it usually is when the baby latches on only to the nipple], get the baby to let go by inserting your little finger between the breast and the baby's mouth- and try to make the baby latch on properly.
  • The baby should take in a big mouthful of your breast. If the baby is just latching onto the nipple it will hurt-this technique is improper.
  • Burp her before resuming the feed and also once you finish the feed. It can prevent stomach fullness which cause pain

If you have any doubts or apprehensions do not hesitate to discuss them with your doctor. Remember that these issues are not only important for your health, but even more important for the well being of your baby.

Quick Bytes by Reliance General Insurance:
At present your doctor is keeping a check on the health of your unborn baby. However, once your child steps in you would need to consult a different doctor only for babies. Therefore, it is wise to start looking for a doctor for your child in advance, i.e. months before your child is even born. Choosing a doctor and deciding on a health insurance​ ​before giving birth to your child not only saves time, but also ensures peace of mind. In addition, if due to unforeseen reasons you end up delivering early, having a child’s doctor well in place before your baby is even born will be the best preparedness you could offer your child. Knowing your child’s doctor in advance helps you built up trust and rapport which in turn would help you get ready healthcare for your newborn baby.