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Your Baby Month 7


​By now your child must be sitting up without support. He/she might be babbling incoherently to try and get your attention whenever you pass by. Keep talking to him/her as often as you can. You can play music or read him/her a book as well; this will help him/her develop good language skills. Your kid might be pretty nois​y and bang his/her toys on the ground. This is normal at this age and everyone in your family will be thoroughly entertained by his/her 'music'.

You should prepare your house and get rid of anything that could be endangering your baby's safety, as he/she will soon be crawling all over the place, if he/she hasn't started already. Don't be unduly worried if he/she has not yet started crawling. Every baby is different and he/she will start crawling pretty soon. If you notice anything that concerns you always discuss it frankly with your pediatrician. Never hesitate about an issue that concerns your baby.

Common Queries

Growth evaluation:
Growth evaluation of an infant is not just restricted to weight gain alone, but includes other measures. There is no definite, normal value for any of these parameters but only a range. Your pediatrician will measure these every month, plot your baby's growth chart, and let you know if your baby's growth is normal.

  • The three parameters measured are height, weight, and head circumference.
  • Each baby will have a different growth rate. So don't worry if your baby is smaller as long as your pediatrician says he/she is growing normally.
  • It is important to have your baby's growth monitored regularly as you can pick up any growth problems at the earliest.