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Your Baby Month 12


​This month could be a red letter month in your baby's life, not just because he/she will be turning one year old but because he/she might take his/her first few steps anytime. Make sure you have your camera or camcorder nearby so you can record his/her first steps. He/she might also love imitating what you are doing, so be very careful about what you do while he/she is watching. He/she might also oblige you with a kiss or hug when you ask for it. He/she will keep everyone on their toes and constantly entertained with his/her antics. If you have a pet at home you need to be extra careful from now on as he/she is more likely to follow it around. 

Your baby's check up with his/her pediatrician will also be due this month. Be sure to discuss all issues that bother you, no matter how trivial they may seem. Don't worry if your baby hasn't started walking yet and is content crawling around. Each baby is different and your baby will start walking when he/she is ready.

Common Queries

Baby Walkers:
  • There is a growing trend in India of using baby walkers for children in the age of 9 to 12 months who have learnt to stand, in the mistaken notion that this is safe and will help the baby learn to walk quicker. This is not entirely true and experts caution against the indiscriminate use of baby walkers.

    • A baby first learns to roll, crawl, stand up, then walk with support and finally by him/herself.
    • These activities are very important as it helps develop and build his/her muscles so that he/she can start walking when he/she is ready. This is the natural process and it is best that you try to let it happen this way.
    • Baby's who are put in baby walkers right away tend to have accidents quite often as they end up moving much faster than they can. Their muscles have not yet developed well enough to control their bodies at that speed.
    • Contrary to popular belief a baby needs more supervision when he/she is in a walker than when he/she is outside it.
    • A baby walker enhances a baby's mobility to a degree that could be risky. For instance, in a baby walker, your baby can come close to a cup of hot tea or reach the stairs much faster than you expect.