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What Does Family Floater Health Insurance Not Cover?

​​​One of the primary reasons behind people choosing to invest in full family floater health insurance is that such plans come in handy at the time of a medical emergency in family. At the time, when​ a major illness is around the corner and strikes you or your family, your full family health insurance policy would help you in dealing with the finances of medical expenses incurred due to required treatment. Nevertheless, a health insurance policy at times does not seem to be as straight forward as it is believed to be.

Every health insurance policy comes with some or the other clause. As it is important for you and your family to know and understand about the things covered in your full family health insurance policy, it is equally important to know about what all is not covered under your family plan. Understanding the exclusions mentioned in your family health insurance policy would assist you in rationalizing  claims in the hour of need.

1.    Hospitalization not directly associated with the illness might be excluded from your family health insurance policy’s claims.

2.    If you are going for any surgery, as per your policy it might need to be medically necessary. If your illness can be resolved by a treatment, your policy may/ may not accept your claim on the back of surgery.

3.    Many dental treatments are not covered by health insurance policies. In general health insurance policies do cover dental treatments. However, there might be some clauses in the same category. Make sure to check what things under a dental treatment is not included under policy coverage.
4.    Not all family health insurance policies offer maternity and related coverages. If you are looking for a policy with similar requirement, ensure to check if the policy offers coverage for maternity and related treatments or not.

5.    Your family health insurance policy might not offer any coverage for disorders existing from your birth.

Today, almost every health insurance provider offer health insurance online. It is because of the easy access of internet that one can look read and understand about health insurance online anytime, anywhere. Make the best use of health insurance online facility and understand the intricacies of your full family health  insurance policy before buying the same.

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