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Secure Your Child's Health With Health Insurance Policy

​​​​​Today, in order to pursue their higher studies many students opt for education loan. In such scenarios, students generally find every spare penny as valuable. During their course tenure, students have many things to look forward to like projects, internships, jobs, placements, repaying the borrowed loan, etc. However, having a health insurance​​ would be the last thing on their minds.
Therefore, as a parent, it becomes your responsibility to insure your child under health insurance for students. Young adults, between 18 to 29 years, generally are at risk of being uninsured. If tomorrow your child faces an accident or is detected with a severe health condition, the medical expenses incurred towards its treatment could put you into a financial debt. Therefore, before it’s too late, insure your child under a health insurance for students.
You may argue that your child is covered under a health insurance plan provided by your employer. Thus, there won’t be need of any other health insurance policy for your child.
However, in most of the cases, a health insurance plan offered by companies would generally cover your child till they are 18. In some cases, employers may also extend the risk coverage for your dependent children till age of 21, or till they have graduated. In addition, your employer may not provide coverage in certain conditions or beyond certain limit.
In a student life, individuals are exposed to many kinds of risks like injuries due to accident during sport activities, lab experiments, travel, etc. If your child already has an existing medical condition, he/she may be more vulnerable to illnesses related to the same. Any of the mentioned health condition could happen anytime, anywhere.
Therefore, it becomes all the more important for you to insure your child under a health insurance for student. You need not buy a health insurance plan for your child if you already have one. However, make sure your child is well covered under the health insurance ​policy you have.