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​​​Today, in the age of high cost of living, to lead a smooth life people are trying to compromise on various aspects. Among other things, this rise in inflation rate is also reflecting on health insurance​ in India. But something like “health” cannot be compromised on.
We may not be able to take a call on whether health insurance companies will charge us less for our health insurance plans in India or not. However, we can definitely work towards following certain practices that may help us reduce our health insurance premium amount. So, how can you save on your health insurance premium? Take a look:
To start from the basic: Quit Smoking
Smoking is definitely not a healthy habit, in all ways it only deteriorates your health. If you quit smoking, you health would gradually improve. On giving up smoking you will observe improvement in your blood pressure, pulse rate, blood flow in body, which would eventually make you less exposed to diseases like hearth attack, cancer, etc. Health insurance companies generally find a disease prone individual as a riskier asset, thus may charge higher premium to protect such people. A healthy habit like not smoking may therefore help you stay healthier less exposed to risks, which may bring you the best health insurance plan at lower rate.
In addition, with rise in cost of cigarettes, by quitting smoking you will anyways end up saving lot more. Therefore, eve if your insurer does not lowers your health insurance premium, you will have more money in your account.
Workout to give up those extra kilos: Lose Weight
Your being overweight is not a concern for the health insurance companies . However, the diseases you would be prone to because of such a weight might be a concern area for them. One of the common observation has been that obese or overweight individuals are more exposed to the risk of diabetes. Diabetes is one of the few diseases which eventually brings home may other problems with it. The more you neglect this disease, the more you are prone to fall unwell, thus, more vulnerable you may get.
Therefore, workout, jog, walk, etc and shed those extra kilos. A healthy habit can always help you save a lot on your earnings.