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Critical Illness Cover - A Ray Of Hope For A Cancer Survivor

​​​It is not necessary that a day which starts well shall end well too! We may start our day on a normal note but whether we will be able to complete the entire course of the day smoothly would depend on what the next moment has in store for us.
In other words - life is full of surprises; some are pleasant, while some are not. A year back, my life too chose to surprise me but in an unpleasant way. Like any other normal weekday, I was in my office working on one of my assignments when suddenly I experienced an awful abdominal pain. I consulted the doctors in my office. After examining me, they suspected Appendix as the cause of pain and asked me to get certain tests done.
The following day, when I visited the Hospital, the doctor asked me to go for X-ray and Sonography. I was diagnosed Tuberculosis, and prescribed a month long treatment, but to no relief.
In fact, during the course of the treatment even worse pain occurred and I had to be admitted to the hospital. Doctor suggested immediate operation which was followed by another small surgery. This was Tumor - later detected as Colon Cancer. Life could not have been more terrible than this, but there was more to face and fight.
There were 10 Chemotherapies to be undergone to destroy the cancer cells completely. Now, this was not an easy decision for me. Firstly because, I was still not out of the operation fever. Secondly, after learning about the side effects of Chemotherapy I was not sure if I actually wanted to go through the pain again.
Nevertheless, after much thought and family support I made up my mind to fight and destroy the Cancer cells in the next 6 months. My chemotherapy started. The side effects did their best to make each day of mine a nightmare. It felt like the Chemo medicines were swiftly eating my body. leaving me in total weakness and pain. The last Chemo took place in April 2012 and I breathed a BIG relief. but the fight to regain my body back to normal was still there in my mind.
It’s almost 5 months now since I had my last Chemo, but even today I feel the numbness in my hands and legs.
It was the sheer support of my husband and the entire family that gave me the courage to overcome this dark phase of my life and even helped me regain my confidence. The health insurance​ policy taken by us provided a strong financial support. Critical illness cover specifically covers cancer. Also thanks to my company for giving me the opportunity to work from home till I take time to recover completely.
It’s almost a year now since I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, but even today a single thought of it is nerve wrecking. I sincerely pray, no one ever faces such a painful phase in his or her life.
Concluding the experience on a positive note, for all cancer survivors and also those who have faced any rough phase of their life valiantly:
Somebody has truly said:
“Never think hard about the PAST, it brings tears,
Don’t think more about the FUTURE, it brings fear,
Live this moment with a SMILE, it brings cheer.”
Keep up the Spirit!
Article by Aparna Harshak Ambre

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