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Why Buy A Personal Accident Policy?

​​​The darkness of night had drawn down its shady covers on the last of the fading light. It was about 8:30 in the evening and getting damn cold already. Last thing Kunal remembers is that he was in the office working overtime for the third night in a row and now this. The loneliness of night swept over him and he tried to remember how he got himself into this but he couldn't. His head felt like it was ready to burst and he didn't have anything to calm the ferocious pounding on the inside of his skull.
Everything around him felt so weird like a strange dream, yeah that's it, a dream. Must be, Kunal bets that he will wake up any second now in his suburban flat with his wife in his room, his two kids playing on the bedside, anyway he did not wake up.

He looks up in the sky to see a glimmering ocean of darkness shining into a never-ending glow, At least the stars make it seem more peaceful out there, Kunal guessed. He looks ahead at the long road in front of him and feels a sense that he has seen this same place before. He says, “I've never taken this road in my life”.

His thoughts are interrupted as he sees something in the far distance, a car completely trashed still smoldering and smoking. He ran up towards it to see if anyone was hurt, the car had swerved right into a tree and was completely smashed on the left front of the bonnet.

It was not a dream. It was a serious accident and what Kunal had never imagined happened. Both of his hands were non functional after the accident. Being a senior programmer in the company, he knew that his future is lost now. This one incident changed his life.. He had bought a term plan as soon as he realised the importance of securing his life. He also bought health coverage to secure his wealth (not health). He had recently bought a home through loan and he was also investing for the future of his kids. Kunal was the bread-winner, the only one earning in his family. He had his mother too as a dependent on him.

While his income stopped, his expenses at house, EMI etc had to still continue. Kunal’s term plan could not pay him because he was not dead. His health insurance​​ plan covered the expenses for hospitalization, but only covered for a basic amount in case there was a temporary disablement. But Kunal’s case was not covered in any of his existing insurance policies.

We often hear, watch or read about such accidents around the world. Chances of mishaps happening to ourselves seem almost remote but they could happen at a time when you least expect it. To take care of such unexpected situations the first thing which you need is an accidental insurance policy and why not! It costs very less, thus is easily affordable.

This could ease some of the financial burdens for the family. At this point of time, If Kunal had a Personal Accident Insurance Policy, it might have helped him a lot.

Article by Vandana Kumari

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