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Fidelity Guarantee

Reliance General Insurance

​Reliance Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy Features

Your employees are the driving force of your business. The successful functioning of your enterprise is most often based on responsibility and subsequent empowerment of your workforce. However, Despite an efficient reporting system and a good HR process, employees can sometimes cause business losses by fraudulent or dishonest acts. The Reliance Fidelity Guarantee Policy covers loss of money due to such actions by your employees and allows you to continue delegating powers to achieve your business expansion plan.

Key Benefits:

  • Reasonable premium
  • Cover for a wide range of risks
  • Rebate in the event of direct business with the company

​Reliance Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy Coverage

The Reliance Fidelity Guarantee Policy covers the risk of direct financial loss due to an act of the employee involving:

  • Forgery
  • Embezzlement
  • Larceny
  • Fraud or dishonesty
  • Fraudulent conversion of money or money worth or goods

​Reliance Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy Exclusions

This policy does not cover loss due to:

  • Suppressions of facts at the time of policy issuance
  •  Change in circumstances or conditions of the specified employment without consent of the insurer
  • Event outside India
  •  Non-observance or relaxation of system of checks and precautions
  • An act committed subsequent to an earlier act of dishonesty/fraud and which had come to the notice of the insured / insureds representative/supervisor

​ Eligibility:

Fidelity guarantee policy can be issued to any employer having employees handling any goods or money with a system of keeping records of all transactions.