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Director's and Officer's Liability Insurance


Director's and Officer's Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance protects past, present and future Directors and Officers/Key Managerial Personnel (KMP) of profit or non-profit companies from damages resulting from alleged or actual unintentional wrongful acts they may have committed in their managerial capacity.  ​

Director's and Officer's Liability Insurance Policy provides protection of claims brought against directors, officers, employees​​ in the event of any actual or alleged unintentional error, mistatement, omission, misleading statement, or breach of duty.​​

Who are eligible for this policy?

This policy c​an be considered by-​​


Why buy Directors and Officer's Liability Insurance?

Claims from employee​s, clients and stakeholders may be made against any company and/or against the Directors and Officers/KMP of a Company.  Since a Director or Officer can sometimes be held responsible for acts of the Company, most Directors and Officers will want to be covered rather than risk their personal assets.​

What d​o​​es this policy cover​?

Directors and Offi​cers Liability Insurance provides indemnity to Directors and Officers for:

  • legal​ and defense costs, and
  • damages and expenses incurred,

Arising from claims brought against them, due to wrongful acts in their capacity as Director or Officer/KMP of a company.

Which incidents can lead to litigation on your Directors and Officers?

Including but not limited to Incident listed below may lead to possible litigation against Directors and Officers.

  • Irregularities in securities issues
  • Breach of duty to minority shareholders
  • Management integrity issues
  • Employment irregularities/harassment
  • Auditing and Accounting practices
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Governance requirements
  • Compliance with various legal statute
  • Listing of stock or debt on a stock exchange ​

General Exclusion:

Below mentioned exclusions are standard and based on risk proposed. it may differ as per sole discretion of underwriter.

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damages
  • Professional ​Services
  • Pollution liability
  • Contractual liability
  • Consensual claims
  • USA Insured Vs. Insured
  • Dishonesty


Below mentioned list is an indicative extensions, it may vary based on risk proposed and sole discretion of underwriter.​​​

  • Occupational Health & Safety Defense Costs
  • Pollution Defense Costs for non-indemnifiable losses
  • Shareholder Pollution Actions
  • Bilateral Extended Reporting Period
  • Retired Directors or Officers
  • Emergency Defense Costs
  • Spouses, Heirs & Representatives​​