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What is No Claim Bonus (NCB)


​​​​​No Claim Bonus or often just referred to as just the ‘NCB’ is one of the fundamental concepts of a motor insurance policy. It is a discount that can be availed in the two-wheeler insurance premium provided certain conditions are satisfied. Lets us understand NCB in detail.

How does NCB work

To begin with, NCB is something that has to be earned over the period of policy coverage.  It is not something that is available by default to the insured. In order to be eligible for the NCB, an insured has to refrain from registering any claims during the policy period. This means that you can only avail the NCB during the second policy year post renewal of the two wheeler insurance policy​. There is a certain pre-defined amount that you can avail during a particular year of the policy coverage. The following table gives you the percentage of NCB for a period beginning from the policy commencement to five years: