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Mahindra Centuro Two Wheeler Insurance Policy


Mahindra Centuro Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

​​Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited (MTWL) is one of the many businesses of the Mahindra Group and has been extremely successful at earning a fair share of the ever-growing two-wheeler market in India.

Bajaj dominated the two-wheeler market for decades. It opened up for foreign manufacturers in the mid-80s. This opened the floodgates of competition and made the customer the king. MTWL entered this highly competitive two-wheeler market in 2008 by acquiring select assets of Kinetic Engineering and launched the motorcycle division in 2013.

During this last decade, driven by the same principles as that of its parent, Mahindra Group, MTWL has captured a significant share of the overall market.


Mahindra Two Wheelers’ Product Portfolio
Since its launch in 2008, MTWL has grown rather rapidly not only by providing excellent service through more than 1,500 touch points across India but also by efficiently expanding its product portfolio. Some of the most popular products of MTWL are as follows:

• Mahindra Centuro
• Mahindra Gusto