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Third Party Liability Insurance (Two Wheeler)

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Third Party Liability Insurance (Two Wheeler)


Third Party Liability Two Wheeler Insurance

​​​​​Although we all would love to have an empty road to drive on, it’s pretty impossible. Which is why we all need to be conscious of our own safety and other people’s safety while driving. Worst case scenario, if you do run into someone, it’s best to be insured by a Third Party Liability Cover, which is now compulsory as per the Motor Vehicles Act.

It covers third-party property damage and provides liability cover to the insured in case of injury or death to the third party. Simply put, this cover offers you protection if the other party is uninsured or underinsured.

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What does my​​ policy cover?​

  • ​Deat​​h or bodily injury to a third party
  • Damage to third-party property to an extent of Rs. 7.5 lakh
  • Accidental death of the insured vehicle owner / driver
  • Permanent Total Disability of the insured vehicle owner / driver

What does my policy not cover?

​This cover does not protect you from the cost of any damage to your own vehicle or belongings in the event of an accident.
Thus, we recommend that you opt for a comprehensive cover instead of just the Third Party Liability Cover.

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Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Reviews and Ratings

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4.6(Based on 202 ratings)

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  • “happy to buy long term bike insurance”

    Purchased long term two wheeler insurance for myself to avoid yearly renewals

    Vivek P7 January 2019, Chennai
  • “Reasonable bike insurance premium”

    Found reliance's bike insurance premium reasonable and so purchased the policy

    Viren M4 January 2019, Rajasthan
  • “good garage service”

    Reliance general's bike insurance provides good garage service for your bike

    Ajay M25 December 2018, Delhi
  • “Happy with the coverage in bike insurnace”

    purchased two wheeler insurance from Reliance General because the coverage offered in the policy is good

    Pranjal A12 December 2018, Hyderabad
  • “Variety of cashless garages”

    Good network of cashless garages inspired me to buy two wheeler insurance from Reliance General

    Prajakta P11 December 2018, Pune
  • “Long Term Bike Insurance is Great”

    Bought the long term bike insurance plan for my two wheeler. Now I don't have to worry about yearly renewals. I'm sorted for 3 years.

    Sukhi Kaur29 November 2018, Chandigarh
  • “A Plan that keeps Me and My Bike Safe”

    My new bike is my pride and joy. Glad to have it protected with Reliance General's two wheeler insurance.

    Apurv P28 November 2018, Delhi
  • “good cashless garages”

    The primary reason of buying two wheeler insurance from reliance is their wide garage network

    Aakash M6 April 2018, Bengaluru
  • “reasonable bike insurance quote”

    Got a quote for my two wheeler insurance online within seconds and it was in my budget

    Dilip K5 April 2018, Hyderabad
  • “good info on two wheeler insurance page”

    I like the information shared on two wheeler insurance page. It made me understand the product more.

    Prakash K4 April 2018, Goa
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