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Third Party Liability Insurance (Two Wheeler)

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Third Party Liability Insurance (Two Wheeler)


Third Party Liability Two Wheeler Insurance

​​Although we all would love to have an empty road to drive on, it’s pretty impossible. Which is why we all need to be conscious of our own safety and other people’s safety while driving. Worst case scenario, if you do run into someone, it’s best to be insured by a Third Party Liability Cover, which is now compulsory as per the Motor Vehicles Act.

It covers third-party property damage and provides liability cover to the insured in case of injury or death to the third party. Simply put, this cover offers you protection if the other party is uninsured or underinsured.

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What does my​​ policy cover?​

  • ​Deat​​h or bodily injury to a third party
  • Damage to third-party property to an extent of Rs. 7.5 lakh
  • Accidental death of the insured vehicle owner / driver
  • Permanent Total Disability of the insured vehicle owner / driver

What does my policy not cover?

​This cover does not protect you from the cost of any damage to your own vehicle or belongings in the event of an accident.
Thus, we recommend that you opt for a comprehensive cover instead of just the Third Party Liability Cover.

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Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Reviews and Ratings

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  • “Good two wheeler insurance”

    Apart from the third party insurance I also purchased comprehensive insurance for my bike as I wanted to get coverage for myself as well.Relaince has some amazing benefits in store.

    Akshay A21 September 2019, Bangalore
  • “Conveniently obtained car insurance”

    Getting an insurance online is so easy.And all the details about the policy was listed out so I could choose properly as well.

    Kaizad T20 September 2019, Warangal
  • “Affordable two wheeler insurance”

    Insurance for bike is very affordable by Reliance and they offer discounts for no claims as well.

    Amaira O13 September 2019, Calicut
  • “Good service provided for two wheeler insurance”

    Multiple options are available for bike's insurance which you can choose as per your needs.

    Vinita A5 September 2019, Kalyan
  • “Good website with detailed description for bike insurance”

    I have browsed through the plans for bikes and found a suitable one for myself. Detailed explation provided for two wheeler insurance and services are good!

    Achira N31 August 2019, Sangli
  • “Great offers for bike insurance”

    Purchased a bike insurance for my TVS and satisfied with the service provided

    Shashank R25 August 2019, Chandigarh
  • “Bike Insurance claim assistance like no where else”

    Reliance two wheeler insurance team was really helpful when someone crashed into by bike and had to take it to garage. They supported me through out the process

    Prafulla U18 August 2019, Goregaon
  • “Very informative and easy - Two wheeler insurance”

    Very useful information on website and was also easy to purchase two wheeler insurance through online channel I finished this within 5 mins.

    Yuvika Y14 August 2019, Indore
  • “Tailor made bike insurance”

    The add-on covers options are good also it's tailor made two wheeler insurance for my bike.

    Ritika P25 July 2019, Afzalpur
  • “Two wheeler insurance in a minute”

    It was unbelievable that I completed my two wheeler insurance online within minutes.

    Karishma T23 July 2019, Andheri
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