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Add on Covers to your Overseas Travel Insurance

Whether it is work or pleasure, travelling within or outside the home country is quite a usual thing these days. Travelling to any country has become really safe today, thanks to the security arrangements made by the governments of various countries. However, there is still a chance that you get into a problem in a foreign country. Hence, it is advisable to buy travel insurance to make your trip safe and comfortable. Why get stressed on a journey? Leave your worries behind, buy a travel insurance policy to keep you protected at all times.

A travel insur​ance policy is designed to cover expenses associated to common events like loss of baggage or passport, injury or accident. Go for a comprehensive travel insurance policy as it covers medical expenses incurred by an accident or an injury on the journey, cancellation of your trip etc.

Besides these common risks, there are some risks which are not so common in nature and are only meant for certain travellers. Hence, a comprehensive policy cannot cover tourists of all nature. For instance, if you are travelling to a destination where there are a lot of adventure activities to be enjoyed, your regular travel insurance policy cannot cover you.

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