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Comprehensive Car Insurance Or Third Party Cover - Pick The Right One

​​​The increasing rate of motor accidents in India is a matter of concern. As per data, “five states — Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan — accounted for over 50% of the country's road deaths in 2012.” Of the total 1.38 lakh deaths in these states, over 70,000 were reported to be due to road accidents.
According to the latest report on number of road accident, “five states — Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, MP, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh — account for over 55% share of total accidents. Tamil Nadu leads with nearly 67,800 accidents.”
Amid the rising rate of road accidents, your motor insurance policy can be a life saver.  As by having a comprehensive motor insurance​ cover you may get a timely medical assistance following an accident. In addition, if yours is a case of major accidental injuries, your policy would also come of great assistance in providing proper financial support towards the treatment.

What Are The Types Of Motor Insurance Policy?​

In India, motor insurance has been mandated by law, therefore, many people buy Car Insurance​ policy only to fulfill the legal liability. In the process they often miss out on important features of their policy.
When you are buying a motor insurance, it is important to understand the fundamental advantages of the same. You should be aware of which type of motor insurance policy suits your need the best way. Broadly, there are two types of motor insurance policies – Third party liability and comprehensive.
The first type of policy protects you only in case of losses/damages to third party. Whereas, comprehensive motor insurance policy takes care of both loss/damage to your vehicle as well as third party liability​

Comprehensive vs Third Party Insurance: Which One Should You Choose?​

So, which motor insurance cover should you buy? If yours is an old vehicle, the repair cost of same would turn out to be more expensive than buying a new vehicle. In such case, it would be more advisable to opt for third party insurance than comprehensive. However, if yours is a new vehicle, discarding the same due to accidental damages would prove to be more expensive. In such a case, you should opt for comprehensive car insurance​​​