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Two wheelers are one of the quickest options, especially in city traffics. Although riding them can be risky, bike rides can be safe when you take necessary safety measures like helmet and drive by following traffic rules. Just like helmet to head, two wheeler insurance is crucial for the bike. The coverage provided by the two-wheeler insurance policy helps the owner to repair the bike after accidents.

Moreover, having bike insurance proves useful in case of a stolen bike. With increasing incidences of bike thievery, having two wheeler insurance policy has become essential. With the availability of two wheeler insurance online, the claiming process for it has become simple.

Either accident or thievery, the bike owner must inform the police in order to start the claiming process. But there is still a little knowledge people have about when and what should be filed to the police to claim two wheeler insurance.

In the case of road accidents:

Accidents are unfortunate events that can happen even when you are driving safely. Regardless of who is responsible for the accident, you must inform the police immediately after the accident. If you are in no condition to make a call, ask bystanders to do so.

Police will try to get all possible information related to accidents, like a number of the vehicle in case of hit-and-run or how it happened. Try to recall it, but do not push yourself too much. Nowadays, CCTV is installed in accident hot-spots, thus finding such information has become simpler. Sometimes police might ask for documents, so keep the copies crucial documents like RC book and insurance papers along with you.

Once you physically and mentally recover from the accident, contact the insurance company and ask them to start claiming process. If your two-wheeler insurance is provided by the third party, they start claiming procedure within the mentioned limit in the policy document. '

In case of the stolen bike:

You need to inform the police and insurance company at the same time when your bike is stolen. Always keep a backup copy of important documents at home as police might ask you to submit them.

After you file the FIR for a stolen bike, police begin their investigation. Simultaneously, the representative provided by the insurance company helps you throughout the claiming process​. In order to reimburse the whole price of your stolen bike, you need to have a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan. Once you submit all the documents along with a copy of FIR, insurance company verify the claim and offer a settlement.

Informing the police department in both cases is important because the insurance companies take their help to check the authenticity of the claim.

Once you accept the settlement offer, your two-wheeler insurance company process the reimbursement. The time required to receive the amount of reimbursement varies from company to company and ranges from a few weeks to months.