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​Renewing Your Break in Insurance Policy is Now Easy

If you own a two wheeler, there is some good news for you with regards to your two wheeler insurance. There may have been times when you could not renew your two-wheeler insurance policy perhaps due to lack of time. With the two-wheeler break-in policy, you can renew your expired policy without getting your bike or scooter inspected or submitting any documents.

The renewal of your break in insurance policy online saves a lot of your time and money. There are several online platforms where you can compare your existing policy with policies offered by other insurance companies in order to get the best insurance quotes online. There are some portals which allow you to renew your insurance policy on their platform.

Benefits of Renewing Break in Insurance Policy Online

There are many reasons why we are stressing on renewing your insurance policy online. The first and foremost reason to opt for online renewal is that the actual process is really fast unlike the conventional way of renewing your insurance policy where the insurance agent visits your premises, does a detailed inspection of your vehicle and thereby decides to renew your policy. In the conventional mode, there is a lot of paper work involved as you have to submit a lot of unnecessary documents to the agent. However, you don't need many documents when you renew your motor insurance policy online. In an offline setting, you may have to visit the insurance company's office several times to renew your policy whereas you can renew your policy online from your laptop or your smartphone even when you are on the go. In the conventional mode, your premium is a little higher as there is an agent involved. On the other hand, you save premium in case of an online renewal. Lastly, conventional renewal involves inspection by an agent who charges for providing services which adds up to your premium cost.

Why you must renew your break in insurance policy online​

  • ​Instant acknowledgement
    When you renew your break-in insurance policy online, it is instantly activated as there is no one involved between you and the insurance company​. A soft copy of your policy is directly sent to your official email address registered with the company. Your policy is completely active after a couple of days from the date of payment.
  • Really simple
    ​Whether you are buying a fresh two-wheeler insurance policy or renewing your break-in policy, the entire process is very easy and fast. You must also note that any insurance company will not cover your two-wheeler between the period of payment and policy activation as that is the time when your policy is not active. Hence, you must avoid using your two-wheeler during that time.​