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How To Buy The Right Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Online


​​1. Do some research on what kind of Two wheeler insurance cover​ you would need

2. Take quotes from different providers and compare the following features:
      •Premium: Premium is a fixed amount which every insurance holder must pay annually to enjoy the benefits of an insurance policy. 
      •Cover: Cover is the actual sum of money which an insurance company agrees to pay in case of damage or loss of your two-wheeler. 
      •Exclusion: The term ‘exclusion’ means something that is not covered in your insurance policy. If a particular spare part of your two-wheeler has been damaged due to wear and tear of your vehicle, it is excluded from the cover.
      •Claim: When you are covered under an insurance policy, you are entitled to get the claim for the damage. The term ‘claim’ means the situation where a person actually applies for the sum against the damages caused. 

3. Decide on a brand suitable for your need

4. Complete the transaction on your desktop or mobile and generate an instant insurance policy online

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