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How To Get Duplicate RC Online?

​The Registration Certificate (RC) of a vehicle is ‘the document’ that must not be lost on any account. We all have heard this, maybe in different ways, at least once. The RC establishes the fact that the vehicle is registered in India. It proves that the vehicle is registered with the state Regional Transport Office. Just like your driving license, you must always carry the RC while using a vehicle. It usually is in the form of a card or a book.​

An RC comprises details such as:

  • Type of vehicle
  • Registration date
  • Colour of your vehicle
  • The model number of the vehicle
  • Chassis number
  • Registration number
  • Engine number
  • Seating capacity of your vehicle. 

  • What is a duplicate RC?

    Despite all your efforts to keep the RC safe, there could be a situation where you lose it or it gets damaged. Do not panic. In such situations, you can apply for a duplicate copy at the earliest. The procedure to apply for a duplicate RC is fairly simple. You just need to provide all necessary documents and pay the fees for the copy to apply for a duplicate RC book.  

    Documents required for a duplicate RC:

  • ​Copy of driving license
  • Copy of car insurance
  • Challan copy of the RC card lost from the police station
  • Application form
  • Passport-sized photograph 
  • Proof of age
  • Proof of address
  • Copy of emission test paper
  • Invoice of the vehicle purchase
  • In case of a loan, a No Objection Certificate from the bank. 

  • How to applying for a duplicate RC book online?

    The application process to get a duplicate RC online is quick and simple. You can make an online application through the Parivahan Sewa website or at the RTO centre near you. 

  • Make a police complaint to issue a challan that mentions that you have lost the RC card.
  • Now you need to apply for an RC book through Form 26.
  • Remember to download a PDF from the RTO website. 
  • Get the bank's NOC if you have applied for a loan. 
  • Prepare an affidavit with the details of the vehicle and add a reason why you require a duplicate RC book. 
  • Now attach the necessary documents with the form.
  • For verification, submit the documents to the RTO office.
  • The file will be signed by the officer after the documents are verified. 
  • Head to the Assistant RTO to complete the verification or pay the service fee online. 
  • Collect the receipt.
  • Get the signature of the superintendent on the receipt.
  • Get the acknowledgement slip which has the date specified on which you will get the RC copy. The superintendent will have the slip. 

  • Just like the driving license, your vehicle must have an RC at all times. If you lose it, follow the above-mentioned process to get a duplicate RC at the earliest. Do not take your vehicle out on the road if you do not have the RC. You must also have valid car insurance. It is a crime to drive an uninsured car. Compare car insurance quotes online before making a decision. Choose a comprehensive policy that covers for own damage as well as third party damages. You can also consider buying riders for the insurance. You can enjoy additional coverage on your policy at a slightly higher premium. Buy car insurance before taking your car out on the road. Keeping mandatory documents handy will make your journey smoother and stress-free.