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Guide to Changing Your Bike Insurance Policy Online

​Two-wheelers are popular in India. They are easy to ride, affordable, and easy to maintain in comparison to a four-wheeler. A lot of livelihoods depend on a two-wheeler. You may not see this clearly in an urban town. Rural livelihood is still highly dependent on the working of two-wheelers for commute and businesses. For each family, a bike has a different purpose. For few it is meant for long rides, it is a vehicle they rarely use, for some it is for the daily chores, while some use it to commute daily to their offices. 

Riding bikes comes with certain risks. The vulnerability is due to the build of the bike and its engineering. With a car you have more security, bike accidents can be fatal. IRDAI has mandated all the two-wheeler riders to buy third party bike insurance before they step out to drive on the road. Insurance is necessary for financial instability that may occur due to an accident. 

The primary policies which you can opt for our third-party cover, comprehensive policy, and add-ons. The policyholder also has the option to change their policy online easily. Also, IRDAI has allowed the policyholder to switch insurers if they feel the need or if they are getting a better deal. Let's take a look to change two-wheeler insurance policy

How to change two wheeler Insurance policy Online?

Changing insurance policy online is an easy process. It can be difficult in some situation which is why a person needs some clarity on what are the conditions to change the insurance policy. 

At the time of renewal

It is the most comfortable time to choose to switch your policy. The policy is always a contract for a specific timeframe which has to be renewed. It could be a contract for one year or even for five years. Once your policy is about to expire you will have the option to choose any plan you want and renew it. By renewing the plan, you also won't lose the No Claim Bonus. There will be no complexities involved. It will be easier than getting a new policy as the insurer already have all your details. If you are switching to a new insurer the process will be similar to buying a new policy. 

During the Policy Period

If you want to switch to a new insurer or a new policy between the term of the previous plan, the best thing is to speak to the support person from the current insurance company. Each company has different protocols. They will be the best person to guide you through the process. It is not advisable though as there can be no reimbursement, also you can lose the no claim bonus and other benefits. 

Changed Vehicle

If you got a new bike, you will have to get a new insurance policy. You can compare the best options online and get a new plan. Get two wheeler insurance online at an affordable price right now and enjoy some savings on the premium.​