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Look Before You Hire: Claim Rejected Due to Fake Driving Licence

​Nowadays, security has acquired immense importance. In today’s globalised world, we are exposed to a number of security threats and risks. It is because of this that we find background checks has become the norm everywhere.

When it comes to hiring a driver, conducting a background check is very crucial. With such an exercise, you can secure mental peace in being assured that the person being hired has a good character and does not pose a security threat to you.  Besides this, there is another important reason that is equally, if not more important for conducting a proper background check. Let’s find out what that is.

While conducting a thorough check in terms of the driver’s place of residence, his identity proof, and criminal record is a necessity, we need to dig deeper.  It is very crucial that you verify the driving license of the prospective driver. When you say the license needs to be verified, it means that it needs to be determined if the license is genuine and not fake or forged. Yes, you heard it right. Wondering why you have to go to such lengths? Here’s why.

When a certain Mr. Rajat Verma found out that his vehicle insurance claim was rejected due his driver’s license turning out to be fake, he was shell shocked. This was a first and completely unheard reason for rejecting a car insurance claim till then. This prompted Mr. Verma to file a complaint with the consumer complaint forum. He sought the cost of litigation in addition to the insured amount before the forum. However, the decision was ruled in favor of the car insurance​ company. The members of the forum established that the driving license held by the driver at the time of the accident was not valid. This fact was concluded on the basis of the records that were shared by the regional licensing authority. As per those records, no driving license was issued by the transport office in the name of the driver, Aman Shah. With this, the jury determined that it was a violation of the terms and conditions of the car insurance policy. The rule that was violated in this case was that of the driver requiring a valid driving license during the event. Because of this, the insurance claim registered by Mr. Verma did not stand, ruling the verdict in favor of the car insurance company to not pay any settlement.
The above decision was a landmark decision for both, the insurance companies as well the industry in general. It was sad to see Mr. Verma’s claim get rejected for no apparent fault of his own. The only mistake Mr Verma made was not being vigilant enough to ensure that his driver’s license was valid. This incident should be a learning for all of us and we must ensure that we don’t commit the same mistake.